Wednesday, November 4, 2009

THE PHANTOM CREEPS / Theatrical Release - 1939

Here at Dungeon, we jus' cain't git enough-o-those ROBOTZ, so today we feature another classic bot from 1939! This mechanical man have angry Republican scary face!! Also, flick star Dungeon favorite hero, Bela Lugosi as mad Dr. Alex Zorka who have all kind of twisted plan in store for you!!

Eegah give us nice little soundclip with some choice dialogue. Uncredited music go to Charles Previn, who have 369 music department credit and work on FLASH GORDON and many other classics!!

Ralphie, Tabonga' pet tarantula, have his turn to push big old red 'GO' button and start today soundclip rolling... So's, hit it Ralphie!.. MAD DOC & ROBOCREEP!

Bela hate everbloody so much he invent goofy an' weirdest looking robot... EVER!! Bela get D+ in art class! Oh, and critique was disaster too!

Bela also invent handy invisible belt!.. Only problem is that sometime he cannot find!!

Hey, don't knock mad lab unless you try first!!

Jeepers, this the cat's meow!

Bela can make airplane fall out of sky just for sheer fun of it!

Not to forget flashback where he find and mine radio-active meteor from space, thing that give him all his power!

Here close up of Bela' death bug, look like where idea for THE BRAIN EATERS come from!!

Then he create crazy ray that warp and melt junk!

...You rang?!

Errr, wrong number!!

Here is great pic as Monte Vandergrift drive Bela around. Tabonga already have as wallpaper, nice!!

Good guy trying to figure out Zorka' invention.

Headline say it all!

Okay, now get ready!! Bela bomb dirigible and they show stock Hindenburg disaster footage from only 2 year earlier!! Daaaaaaaamn!!

Bela can't control temper and so he hassling Monte, who is trying to fly freaking airplane! Well, guess you know what happen next!

Hey, this look like some kind of fun for kidz in 1939!!


Anonymous said...

Jeepers! $25.00, that was a LOT of cash in 1939!!

RODAN! said...

Yeah, it'd buy 500 candy bars back then!

Christopher said...

I'm currently watching this serial of my favorites..Love it when they show a side view of the robot when he walks..he's "truckin' like Mr. Natural

prof. grewbeard said...

looks like that "find & mine" sequence was lifted from The Invisible Ray, was it not?

TABONGA! said...

PG, that sure look like Boris in top still to Tabonga!

Christopher said...

this also has one of the best music get to hear Universal library music from both the early 1930s combined with the oncoming new Skinner/Salter stuff...

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Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Welcome aboard the Creep Ship Lollipop!

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Anonymous said...

The scenes of the scientist recovering the meteor are stock footage from "The Invisible Ray." It starred Boris Karloff, with Lugosi in a supporting part.

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