Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EL VAMPIRO / Mexico - 1957

Todays we got a classic B+W Oldie from great year of 1957 and from great body of work from south of the border crew!! The Dungeon love Abel Salazar because of his love for horror cinema! What a good sport he was when he eat some brains behind the partition in THE BRAINIAC, danke schön, Abel!

Even before credit roll, Germán Robles (el Vampiro) start the nightmare rolling. That is one BIG bat, there!!

Eegah!! give us another great lil' soundclip full of mucho screams and intrigue from super awesome composer Mr. Gustavo César Carrión, true master of the macabre, and who also did music for last Saturday' flick, SANTO vs BLACK MAGIC!! Mr. Carrión use 10 different alternative names!!

Lil' Piff the Gnat happily get to push big old red 'GO' button to get thing rolling for you hearing pleasure! So, roll them sounds, Piff!!.. EL VAMPIRO!!

Flick start far, far away from the big city...

Abel Salazar, who play Dr. Enrique, vampire hunter, overhear conversation involving woman in distress (Ariadna Welter) while he waiting at train depot.

He barter for ride with dude carrying big crate, since they going in same direction.

The doc help Marta to her destination, place where she grow up years ago.

One of Tabonga' favorite thing is when door have slot that open up so you can talk to some weirdo on other side! ...Hell, yeah!

Strange thing going on around here and crazy auntie ain't helping!

Time for Count Karol de Lavud to wake up, exit his coffin and check out new crash pad.

When you a vampire, you get help wherever you can. The Count telling them to watch out not to scratch the finish!

Good old Transylvania knowhow, carved with hatchet!!

Nice shot of musty dirt bed in Count de Lavud' coffin!

Dude not taking a siesta!

Abel getting uneasy feeling from Count de Lavud, pretty sure he know who is responsible for recent vampire attack in village!

One more twist on vampire powers!

Proof that Marta is midnight snack for el Vampiro!

Marta notice that she cannot see auntie dear in 'da mirror!

Finally, she succumb to prevailing evil forces at work in the house.

Dude is taking no effing chances when it come to vampire!!!

Time to take the bull by the horns, so to speak!!

Oh crap!! Did I just hear a rooster crow?!

Yes... Yes he did!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

we have roosters living on our block, too!

buzz said...

This is one of the better Mexican horror films, maybe not as polished as its Hollywood or European counterparts, but done with a lot of heart and style.

Christopher said...

always thought it was a nice touch to have the 2 leads ride on top of the coffin up to the big house from the Depot

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