Friday, March 6, 2009

THE DRILLER KILLER - Tony Coca-Cola & The Roosters - "It's Not My Problem" (1979)

This film is way out of our range, coming from 1979, but we just couldn't resist the chance to feature an early indie film that combined this much raw horror and raw rock & roll!!! A perfect flick for this Sadistic Bastard Funky Friday Freakout!!!

It's really kind of unfair to throw Abel Ferrara's character, Reno Miller, aka, "The Driller Killer" in with the other sadistic bastards we hoisted high this week, because he is really just more of a poorly misunderstood, but sadistically inclined artiste who doesn't seem like that bad of a guy, but instead, a person driven to madness by his environment and his peers, but once he gets pissed off, and I mean really fired up, Yeah, well, then there is no doubt that he does indeed belong in the "Sadistic Bastards" club, because he is as vicious as any of them, plus, the bonus feature, he has power tools!!!

The basic premise and problem is, Reno's got a band living in the aprtment next door to him and they play ALL the time! The Band was called "Tony Coca-Cola & The Roosters" and was made up of a varied cast of members starting with gifted painter, writer, film maker and actor D.A. Metrov (credited in this film as Rhodney Montreal) as Tony Coca-Cola on guitar, Dickey Bittner as Ritchy the bass player in his solo acting gig, and drummer Steve Brown who came back in 1988 to do "Deadbeat At Dawn!" You just have to figger these guys are playing their own instruments, cause this ain't exactly The Monkees, but sounds a Helluva lot more like the bastard sons of The Velvet Underground and The Jon Spencer Experience!!! The paintings in the apartment were also done by D.A. Metrov. (It was his flat!)

In this scene Janet Dailey and Joyce Finney audition as back-up singers!!

The rest of the music is attributed to a composer by the name of Joe Delia, who has a mighty roster of accomplishments including films in production right now!

This is my nomination for "Best Use Of A Pinball Machine In A 1979 Movie!"

There is so much music in this film, I worked for hours to cut it down to a mere seven minutes; you'll have to find one of those "50 Movie Packs" to hear what probably amounts to at least another 30 minutes of music in this movie yourself! Peace!!


Greg Goodsell said...

This film is actually a pretty good representation of what punk rock was like back then!

cliff vicious said...

this soundtracks fucking amazing. been looking for it for ages. any idea where you can get the rest of it?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

The whole movie can be bought on Amazon along with 49 other flicks on the 50 movie pack, Chilling Classics for about $20.00

Anonymous said...

The roosters remind me of an even more drugged out sounding version of johnny thunders and the heartbreakers.

EEGAH!! said...

Good observation!!

Anonymous said...

Thought the singer sounded a lot like the frontal frontman for the Kings of Leon. At least on their older albums!

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