Monday, January 14, 2008

TEENAGE ZOMBIES - Jerry Warren - "How Weird Can You Get" (1959)

Most people probably miss this music when they watch "Teenage Zombies", it's buried in the background so much, and the dialogue is so fascinating. It's really too bad, because it's a hot little tune. If you listen real careful, it's quite a treat! Of course this movie is once again written, directed and produced by Jerry Warren, including being musical supervisor, once again as Erich Bromberg, so no telling where this music really originates from!

Great scene where J.L.D. Morrison in his only ever role, as Brandt, keeps drinking out of the other kid's sodas as they're talking at the "Campus House" cafe. "You never went that far out, it's way out!"

Without a doubt, the cheapest police station set ever on film!!! Go Jerry!!!!

Jerry Warren's trusted stalwart Chuck Niles, who played "Ivan The (Terrible)Zombie" probably would have been able to tell us who was responsible for this music, since he was a jazz DJ in L.A. for like the last 50 years, but unfortunately, Chuck passed away in 2004 and took a load of information with him I'm sure!

Teenage Zombies

Added bonus is the bombastic theme music at the beginning just for fun, it's so not this movie, which, just by the way, does have the worst 'day for night' we've ever seen in a movie, just in case you wondered, but it's Jerry Warren, so it just makes it that much better!!!


rodan! said...

The theme is so totally wrong for this movie! That's probably because its reused music from KRONOS!!! How wrong can it get? Especially when its played in the movie when some migrant farm workers are walking down a path!!!.. Jer, seriously, what the hell??!

tabonga!! said...

Me see nother lousy cop station in nother lousy movie call... THE CREEP!

Anonymous said...

Don't you like the end where the teenagers all say -- "let's go -- HORSEBACK RIDING!!!!"

-- Greg Goodsell

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