Wednesday, January 23, 2008

THE RETURN OF DRACULA - Gerald Fried - "Theme and Costume Party" (1958)

Composer, conductor, and oboist Gerald Fried might have one of the more remarkable careers we've written about yet, at least as far as TV is concerned anyway. Need proof? How about 9 episodes of "Star Trek", 45 episodes of "The Man From Uncle", 9 episodes of "Gilligan's Island", 2 episodes of "Lost In Space" and 5 episodes of "Mission Impossible", and that was just from 1965 to 1968! In the 50's he composed music for an wide array of films including many classic JD movies and horror films besides "The Return Of Dracula." Killer JD titles include "Dino", "Cry Baby Killer" and "High School Big Shot." More horror/sci-fi titles he composed for are "Curse Of The Faceless Man", "The Flame Barrier" and one our faves, "The Lost Missile." The man is obviously a genius, what else do you need to know??

Halloween party, the real good old fashion way, dunking for apples with some Dixie music blowing in the background!

Belle Mitchell as Cornelia had a career in the movies that started in 1915 and continued well into the 70's!! Wow!! "That's right folks, have some fun!!"

Francis Lederer makes for a pretty sleazy Count Dracula!

Get back Drac!!

Return Of Dracula

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Greg Goodsell said...

I didn't care fro this riff ont he Dracula legend as Lederer had no cape! What's Dracula without a cape?

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