Thursday, January 3, 2008

MY WORLD DIES SCREAMING (Terror In The Haunted House) - Darrell Calker - "Psycho-Rama" (1957)

I used to own the poster from "Terror In The Haunted House," and I always thought it was a shame that the poster was much better than the movie. This was the first ever movie filmed in "Psycho-Rama" using ultra-scary subliminal pictures flashed on the screen randomly in an effort to drill into the viewer's mind and permanently destroy their spineless souls forever. It didn't work, but it was a decent effort!! A better movie would have helped a lot!! Boogie Woogie Calker, who you will remember from his work on "Voodoo Woman" once again comes up with a fairly odd, but almost completely orchestrated score. So, for all of you with nerves of steel, here's the opening credits from.....My World Dies Screaming in Psycho-Rama!!! Yeah!!! 
  I don't quite get what's scary about having a little furry animal in your mouth! Some kind of rodent, but it also looks like a little bear! 
It's okay, it's only a dream, nobody's trying to trick you!! 
And then comes our favorite part, Shiela Wayne is laying in bed freaking out in a cold sweat, and then she opens up her bedroom door & this guy goes flying across the room & over the banister. It's a crack-up, thank goodness for rewind because you'll want to watch this scene over and over! 
How would you like to have ole 'Demon Tongue' etched on your psyche for all eternity?? Ponder that one, why don't you!


Anonymous said...

I remember this thing from late night "Fright Night" with Larry "Seymour" Vincent. I remember it being a total wash -- excepty for the scene where they come upon the house in the heroine's dream and she lets out this HORRIFIC SCREAM. Gets me everytime!

-- Greg Goodsell

Fehlberg said...

Please, fix the download link. Terror in the Haunted House

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

OK, but only because you said Please! And if anybody complains, it will come down again immediately!

Fehlberg said...

Tanks a lot... :)

Th.Ikuta said...

can you please fix the link again?

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