Thursday, January 24, 2008

BLUE DEMON CONTRA LAS DIABOLICAS - El Klan - "The Solo Dance" (1968)

You know, the other day, Tabonga and I were hanging out talking crap with Rodan and Caltiki about the good old days, and of course what subject always comes up is wrasslin'!! Remember when they would have a scientific wrasslin' match?? It would be between two good guys, with no dirty moves, and was usually boring as hell. I remember one match between Pepper Gomez and some other Good Guy, where I think they ran across the ring and bounced off the ropes going over and under each other like 47 times in a row! We'll take a Lucha Libre masked free-for-all anytime instead! That said, here's another suave little tune by "El Klan" from the film "Blue Demon Contra Las Diabolicas" with our favorite twin saxes, groovy guitar, jungle bird calls, extra funky keyboards and sensual outer space vocals! What a sweet suite! Standing ovation please! Tequila Milagro con Blue Demon es muy bueno, una celebracion mas fina! Todo classico! Gracias!

El Klan Rocks!

Is that good stuff or what???

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Greg Goodsell said...

To quote Lenny Bruce ... "Thank you, Mask Man."

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Monster Music
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