Friday, January 11, 2008

MANHUNT IN SPACE - Scotty Beckett (Winky) - "The Night He Made The Starfield Rise" (1956)

This is one of those very strange, bizarre, sad, but probably not really surprising Hollywood stories. It's about Scotty Beckett, the singer of this song in the 1956 TV series movie, "Rocky Jones Space Ranger - Manhunt In Space." Scotty started out as a child actor in 1933, did his stint in the "Our Gang" comedy series, and died at 38 from a drug overdose, and that is only scratching the surface of his amazing saga.

Here we have Scotty as "Winky," singing this lullaby and playing some kind of futuristic lectronic space dulcimer.

Winky's Tune

"Winky" looks happy enough, just shows to go you how great an actor Scotty really was! This sappy song preceded "The Mushroom Song" in "The Giant Gila Monster" by three years!

The perfect look of the future, ball caps and t-shirts!!!

Here's some of Scotty's dialogue with Rocky from the very beginning of the film, that pretty much stinks of reality when you look at his life story in retrospect, and is it really possible to walk around with your pants pulled up that high?

Rocky & Winky

Scotty Beckett's story is just way to complex for me to really go into here in detail, so follow this link to read it for yourself. I personally guarantee you will not regret it, because it's Way, Way Weirdsville and almost unbelievable. We're talking stuff like, gunfights with Mexican Police just for starters!

The Scott Beckett Bio
Remember Spanky's little sidekick "Scotty?"

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Greg Goodsell said...

Really, how much sympathy should we have for a drunken, out-of-control movie star? We've known quite few drunk, out-of-control people who have been undeserving of our sympathy .....

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