Saturday, January 26, 2008

MONSTERS CRASH THE PAJAMA PARTY - "Spook Show Spectacular" (1965)

Conceptually interesting, but unbearably droll, and pretty much devoid of any music we're interested in, "Monsters Crash The Pajama Party" does have one little scene where the slumber party girls are listening to the radio and singing along a bit. With a title like that, you'd think this movie would rock out, but it doesn't! It's really difficult to recommend a film where they wouldn't even pitch the extra $100 to at least get a decent gorilla suit. Life's too short to use cheap gorilla suits! The good news, it's a very short film!! Do dah do da dum dum doo doo da do da dah!! You know, it's just not the same without the monsters running into the audience, because this is not a movie you were supposed to pay attention to you. The shock or horror was in the 'live' surprise!

Here's the Guys!!! Stud City!!

Here's the Gals!! Seems almost impossible, "Hot" times five!!

Slumber party time with potato chips and Coca-Cola! Woo, Woo!!

Dum Dum Doo Doo

Watch out for who might be creeping up behind you! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!

On this one, who knows who is doing this music! We're probably the only people in the world who care but, if you care, rent or buy the whole fun-filled package from Something Weird! They deserve the credit for reviving this crap from the grave!!


tabonga!! said...

If Tabonga crash in on girls, then, it become a 'lumber' party!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

The DVD is a lotta fun. The menus are something else, and you can spend hours just lighting on different little cartoon icons. Definitely great fun on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

The music I liked was in one of the added features -- the old 1930s/1940s music videos. Who WERE those acts, anyway?!??

ConquestShockValue said...

On the bonus features you have some great music from The Dead Elvi (the home movies), The Delta Rhythm Boys ("Them Dry Bones"), and the Brian Sisters (Boogie Woogie Boogieman"). Unfortunately, I do not know who sings the version of "The Walls Keep Talking," but it is not Anita O'Day.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??