Saturday, January 19, 2008

GASU NINGEN DAI ICHIGO (The Human Vapor) - Kunio Miyauchi - "Modern Bar-Traditional Dance" (1960)

Kunio Miyauchi composed music for Ultraman and Godzilla exclusively except for this title from 1960, "The Human Vapor." Right up there with "The H-Man" as far as gaseous people and cool music is concerned, this is another one of those films you should go out of your way to try and find a copy somehow.

Beware! Do not screw around with the librarian!!

He's starting to glow!

Now he's glowing and constricting around your neck.

There are two great bar scenes where glib Detective Okamoto and his girlfriend, nosey Reporter Kyoko are discussing the case with a very witty dialogue exchange, and some swingin' with-it music In The Background.

He's so full of it, and she has got that dirty look down pat!

Later on in the film, they're going at it again!

And once again, he deserves and gets that icy stare. Ow!!

Then, towards the end of the film, the librarian, aka the human vapor is trying to take in a beautiful show of traditional Japanese music. Of course the crowd gets in, gets ants in their pants real fast, and after one unruly guy yells out, "Bring on the strippers!" you know some body's going to pay! They really shouldn't push the librarian like that!

Fujichiyo Kasuga as the dancer.
Kishiro Katada was the supervisor for the.....Traditional Music

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Greg Goodsell said...

I had a VHS copy of this title and sold it on eBay for top dollar! Whatever, it's more of a Japanese gangster movie than a sci-fi flick .....

Monster Music

Monster Music
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