Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS/GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI - Mike Clifford/Bobby Fuller Four - "Two Short Songs" (1965-66)

These two films "Village Of The Giants" from 1965 and "Ghost In The Invisible Bikini" from 1966 both had an abundance of music in them. Here's a couple of short leftovers to tease you with. One clocks in at 32 seconds, the other one is 36 seconds! First off, from "Village Of The Giants" is Marianne written by Jack Nitzsche, and sung by Mike Clifford.

In 1962 Mike Clifford had a pop hit "Close To Cathy", that just missed the top ten, charting at #12. Let's all swoon together!

From "The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini", here's.........

The Bobby Fuller Four singing Make The Music Pretty!

Well, I do believe this monster has been around the block a couple of times, but this is the first time that anybody was actually caught sleeping with one!

We've seen a lot of Tommy Kirk on this site, and his contributions to offbeat cinema are above reproach. Here's one for Tommy, a good sport who got a bad rap!! This is an awesome still of him and Basil Rathbone, isnt it? By the way, just for the record, Tommy Kirk was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and Mike Clifford was a cop in Louisville, Kentucky before he got into the movies! Interesting!


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite zingers on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 is the opening scene of VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS where he’s making out with a girl. Crow T. Robot says “Now, there’s Tommy Kirk REALLY acting!!!”

-- Greg Goodsell

Greg Goodsell said...

... and of course, you will recognize the monster who was later utilized in Larry Buchanan's THE EYE CREATURES .....

Anonymous said...

Actually The Bobby Fuller Four didn't sing any of the songs in The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini! They lip-synced the songs since the studio had already had the songs cut by some unknown group. The Bobby Fuller Four just faked their way through the songs because they had never even heard them before! Bobby and friends weren't even allowed to use their own instruments as the movie producers had cut a deal with Vox for promotion, so the Bobby Fuller Four had to use Vox equipment, and they hated Vox! They never used any Vox equipment live or in the studio!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Wow, thanx Anonymous, it was a little in coming, but what a terrific piece of information!!

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