Sunday, January 13, 2008

DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL - Melvyn Leonard - "Happy Creepin' Round" (1957)

Melvyn Leonard is credited with composing the theme for TV's "Leave It To Beaver" along with a host of other TV shows and also the music for some "Beany & Cecil" cartoons. The music from this scene in "Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll" does sound a bit cartoony, then again, it's coming from an Edison Standard Cylinder Phonograph, and despite being old timey, this music swings along pretty good during this classic scene of the pretty girl putting on her stockings with the pervert peering in the window.

The monster guy looks old and doesn't really look that big, strong or scary, but he kicks John Agar's butt a couple of times and is quite the creep!!

The lovely Marjorie Stapp is the woman getting dressed and about to get attacked. In our Horror Hall Of Fame, there's a spot for Marjorie, for her roles in "The Werewolf", "The Monster That Challenged The World", "Kronos", "The Indestructible Man" and of course, this film. The phone dialogue here is classic & very funny, and she is great!!! "Just calling to let you know there's a killer running loose, but the village men are patrolling the woods, but you would be advised to bar your doors and windows anyway." Right!!

In this scene Gloria Talbot tries to solve the mystery of why in the hell would John Agar be wearing this absurd striped jacket in this film. The answer is revealed when you realize wardrobe master Robert Martien's previous film was "Around The World In 80 Days", a movie with lots of costumes. Recycle those leftovers, Yessir!!

The Olde Edison Standard


ted said...

Hey, I didn't know Dr. Jekyll had a Daughter...........Learn something new every day.......

Anonymous said...

What is it with John Agar's T-shirt and UGLY striped jacket ensemble in this movie? Or the fact that the servant girl is terrified of going by the crypt and SHE STILL GOES BY THERE ANYWAY???

-- Greg Goodsell

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Monster Music
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