Monday, January 7, 2008

THE BLOODY BROOD - Harry Freedman - "Studs & The Weasel" (1959)

Nico! You know you're a spineless jerk when you have to rat out your own good boys, Studs & The Weasel to the Boss. Yeah, your time's gonna come little man.

Studs played by Bill Bryden went on to be in crazy fave "The Mask." Weasel played by Michael Zenon has been working as assistant director in the movies since the 70's & just completed a film in 2008 entitled "Hank And Mike."

Studs and The Weasel after Nico ratted them out!!!

Here's a Bloody Collage starting with the questioning of Carol Starkman, the ultra cool blonde neighbor with the great lines, and degenerating into the hip apartment club scene! What happened to Carol? She was too good!!

It's all those pseudo-hip criminal element squares like Nico, taking advantage of the swinger's love of art and their good natured temper, who murdered the whole scene! It happened again 10 years later to the Hippies, and then again about 10 years later to the Punks! For centuries people have just wanted to get high, listen to music, and enjoy the arts, and then, Bam! It's all about money, politics, & commercial greed! Where'd the love go, man??

Murder as an art form is a pretty damn ugly concept, but the music composed by Harry Freedman is incredible! Later films by this Polish composer included "The Hooker Cult Murders" from 1973 and "Kavik The Wolf Dog" in 1980.


rodan! said...

Yeah, where'd the love go, man??

Greg Goodsell said...

Art meets commerce, and commerce wins!

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Monster Music
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