Thursday, January 10, 2008

ANATOMY OF A PSYCHO - Ronnie Burns - "Round Round Round" (1961)

Here's a great little single from "Anatomy Of A Psycho" that I've been saving for a special occasion for you to celebrate with. The starring role in this film goes to Ronnie Burns, adopted son of George Burns, but it's a cat named Darrell Howe who steals the show as the more than demented, cruel whackjob Psycho Chet!

Here's the deal! You got a beautiful pad and the place is rockin!

Next thing you know, some psycho is making out with your girl, putting his cigarette out on your fine art, smashing your head into the mirror in your mother's bedroom & setting the place on fire.

That's about the way it felt without Reverend Frost around! Welcome back Tom!

Round Round Round


Greg Goodsell said...

Those wide angle shots look desolate and creepy --

MN said...

Darrell Howe had a 45 on Jamie Records. See it here:
A-side is "Gonna Go Round" which is most likely the "round round round" song that plays during the party scene of "Anatomy Of A Psycho". The printed labels of the 45 mention that the songs come from a motion picture "Young Scarface" which I believe is an alternate (early?) title of "Anatomy Of A Psycho" as Darrell Howe's character Chet has a scar on his face pretty much throughout the film.
Darrell Howe's 45 was reviewed in Billboard magazine October 5, 1959 and the film is usually given a date of 1961, so there's quite a long gap there.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Great comment MN,that sounds 100% right to me! Thanx!

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