Wednesday, August 7, 2019

GIANT CLAWS - "When Nature Rebels, All Hell Breaks Loose" (1980)

This is a pretty fishy Weird Wednesday presentation, but I kinda liked it!

This thing is called "Island Claws," it was made in 1980, and it is a legitimate monster movie that wasn't made in Japan!

Just to start off with the writers are Jack Cowden and Ricou Browning! What do these two men know about underwater adventures? Jack Cowden was the main writer for the "Flipper" TV series, and Mr. Ricou Browning was also a writer for "Flipper" but will always be remembered around these parts for being the man inside the rubber suit in all three of Universal's 'Creature' films!

Considering his creds, the music is not as great as it could have been, probably because Bill Justis was just trying to show he had soundtrack skills! The real story is Bill arranged and led studio bands in Memphis in the 50's for people like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis! 
Bill also had the killer smash number two hit in 1957 called "Raunchy!"

Bouncing back from his creepster role in Hitchcock's "Misadventure," 
Barry Nelson is research scientist Dr. McNeal!
Did you know that Barry Nelson was the first actor to play James Bond, not Sean Connery. In the 1954 TV series called "Climax." Season 01, Episode 03 was titled "Casino Royale," and Barry played James Bond! Peter Lorre was the villain!

Since they need some women to be attacked by crabs, we've got Martina (Ghost) Deignan and Jo (The Munster's Revenge) McDonnell joining Barry Nelson, and the other fellow is Steve (Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark) Hanks as Pete Adams!

Take away the silly story, and you've almost got a top shelf high school biology class film!

The beer mug art on the wall looks like an ice cream soda instead of beer, but it's beer all right. You just wait and see!

The "4-D" man Robert Lansing is in there as a guy whose name describes him best, Moody!

What was I telling you about the beer? These guys are thiristy, and there's lots of beer drinking going on inside the "Half Shell Bar."

Mal (Yeah, he was in "Flipper" too) Jones is the innocent enough musician named Ames, and the first crab casualty!

Ames says Aaaaaahhhhhh!!

Most people think this is a bad movie, and it is, but at least it's a good bad movie!

It's not so fun when crabs have a gang or pack mentality!

More beer drinking!

The local crabs are getting larger. Growth hormones and nuclear waste make for a mighty potent cocktail!

What's all the screaming about??

Oh, Nevermind!

I was pretty impressed with the fact that they built a full-size giant crab!

"Squeeze me, Please me, Never tease me!"

So I think you get the general idea. Slow start and action packed ending, and just like "The Hokey Pokey,"
 that's what it's all about!

The good news is they've got free crab cakes for weeks!
An alternative title could have been, "Break Out The Butter!"

 Whatever you do, don't confuse the alternate title of "Giant Claws" with.........

.....The classic 1957 film, "The Giant Claw!"

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