Wednesday, August 14, 2019

LA MALA ORDINA - "The Italian Connection" (1972)

Here's a solid Weird Wednesday film for you!
 It might not be the most ridiculous movie ever made, but it's a strong contender!

It's called "La Mala Ordina" or auf Englisch, "The Italian Connection!"

The American 'stars' are Henry Silva and Woody Strode!

Right out of the box, this movie makes no sense! This "Godfather" dude wants some insignificant mosquito pimp eliminated, and he wants to make sure that everybody knows about it!

His name is Luca Canali, and he's played by Mario Adorf!
A survey from a few years back has Mario Adorf as the number two most popular actor of all time in Germany!! And why not, Mario has 200+ credits to his name, and I'm not sure he's done yet!

Let's see, I already told you that Luca was a pimp!

Don't threaten Luca with your petty knife, or he'll headbutt your ass, and then you'll be sorry!

My Dad had big ears, and I've got big ears, but this bat boy has got us both beat!

World class villain, Aldolfo (Larfo) Celi as Don Vito Tressoldi is the last man you want to see you dead! An interesting side note is that Mario Adorf and Adolfo Celi have both been in the movie "Ten Little Indians." There's just one thing, it's two different versions of the movie. Mario Adorf was in the 1965 release as Herr Grohmann, and Adolfo Celi was in the 1974 film as The General!
Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" was also the basis for movies made in 1959, 1981, 1987, and 1989! I guess that's when you know it's a good story!

The killer Pop Rock Disco Funk soundtrack was created by Armando Trovaioli!

The makers of this film go out of their way to get your attention, and the boob count is high!

Here's a good look from the book, "Whores Of The World!"

Almost timeless!

I just love this wacky shot!

Looking as good as ever, Sylva (Lisa And The Devil) Koscina, has the role of  Luca Canali's estranged wife!

Wow! To prove they're not messing around, they kill Luca's ex-wife and daughter!

Everybody in the world might be trying to kill him, but he's not going to let some bastard get away with that!

The hard headed Luca headbutts the windshield to get to the killer!


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