Monday, August 12, 2019

OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN / Two Forces Have Claimed The House. Only One Will Survive! - 1983

In today's twisted tale, Bart Hughes has a good life, a beautiful wife, a young son, a good job with promotion prospects, and a renovated brownstone in New York... When the wife and kid leave for vacation, Bart stays behind to work on a project that will earn him a promotion, unaware that a certain inhabitant in his basement has other plans. Bart goes a bit bonkers trying to kill this rodent, destroying most of his house in the process.

It stars Peter (ROBOCOP) Weller, Jennifer (CADILLAC GIRLS) Dale, Lawrence (BRIDE OF CHUCKY) Dane, Kenneth (PHOBIA) Welsh, Louis (SCANNERS) Del Grande and Shannon (HOT DOG... THE MOVIE) Tweed.

Here's Bart working away in his high rise office while the wife and his son are away on vacation. He's working on a deal that will earn himself a big old promotion!

But, Bart has a rodent problem in his newly renovated apartment. He starts doing research into the critters and finds a lot of info he wishes he didn't know about rats. He even looks at photos of people that were bitten by the killers, including children!

He becomes obsessed about his home invader and at his office meetings, all he does is give creepy statistics about rats to his partners. They think he's losing it.

Things keep getting scarier, like when the damn thing is hiding in the toilet!

Bart tries to relax but has some company under the bed spread...

If things weren't bad enough, well, the damn dirty rat gnaws through the wiring and causes the lights to go out. So, Bart gets the candles out.

Bart chases the varmint into the basement where he tries to grab it inside a doll house. But, Bart forgets that he left a brutal rat trap inside, and, it snaps onto his left hand!.. Like, freakin'... OUCH!!

After such a fucked up day, Bart hits the bottle and relaxes in a tub of warm water...

He starts dreaming, his wife has returned from vacation, as they play on the bed they forget that the son is in the kitchen, unaware that the rat is ready to pounce on him!

Bart is woken up by the rat and jolts onto a hammock to get away!

Enough is enough, Bart has had it! It's time to beef up his baseball bat to meet the requirements it takes to kill the dirty rat. Looks pretty impressive!

Bart hears the rat above the ceiling, he hits the spot with his bat and the thing breaks through and falls onto the floor. That's one big mofo!

Bart destroys the place trying to get to the rat, it's always a step ahead!

He finally corners the rat in the doll house, this time though, he nails it, bringing this epic battle to an abrupt end...

The wife and kid return from vacation. After they go into the house, she wants to know what happened. He tells her he had a party... Hey, we're back Wednesday with another new post, just for you!

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