Monday, August 19, 2019

THE OUTER LIMITS / "Expanding Human" Season 2 Episode 4 - 1964

In today's tale, a scientist recklessly experiments on himself, trying to speed up man's evolution. He gains super intelligence and new abilities, but at the cost of his morality and humanity!

It stars Skip (PROJECT U. F. O.) Homeier, Keith (BLUEBEARD, THE PIRATE) Andes, James (STAR TREK) Doohan, Vaughn (PSYCHO) Taylor, Aki (WAR OF THE WORLDS - TV) Aleong and Mary (THE INVADERS) Gregory.

A guard has been strangled at a University lab, Lt. Branch is there to question Dr. Clinton and Dr. Wayne about the incident. Branch learns about their mind expanding experiments and is curious about a possible tie in with the murder...

After another person involved in the experiments shows up dead, he's taken to the morgue, where, he wakes up and wants to know what the Hell's going on!!

Dr. Clinton calls Dr. Wayne, he says that he needs to talk to him about something important. Dr. Wayne is busy at the time and tells Clinton that he'll go to his place as soon as he gets the chance. Dr. Wayne senses that something's wrong.

That gives Dr. Clinton the time for his alter ego to take over and he mixes up another batch of serum and chugs it down...

He then goes to a building where he hypnotizes the elevator operator to take it to floor 19, where he can go directly to the administrator he wants to kill, bypassing his secretary who's on floor 18.

Dr. Wayne finally shows up, everything's okay until Dr. Clinton's dark side takes over. While Dr. Wayne is searching for something in the apartment, Clinton mixes up another dose.

Then, Dr. Clinton mixes up a drink for Dr. Wayne, he order's him to drink it, which he does!

Lt. Branch shows up, Dr. Wayne lets him in. Clinton spills the beans and attacks Branch, knocking him out when he tosses him across the room.

After another cop comes in and shoots Clinton (with no effect), the brute uses Dr. Wayne and Lt. Branch as shields to make his escape. But, notice that blood stain on his coat sleeve.

Even though evil Clinton thought he was invincible, he dies from his bullet wounds. His last words are... What have I done?!

After the drama is over, Dr. Wayne tells Lt. Branch that he needs to go to the hospital because he's starting to feel the effects of the serum... Well, there you go, we're back on Wednesday with more precious Dungeon Cargo!


Grant said...

This one gets a pretty bad rap from OUTER LIMITS fans, but I like most of it.
Nearly the best moment is the Akada character describing expanded consciousness, and that look that James Doohan and Jason Wingreen give.

Randall Landers said...

i have never seen this one. Will check it out!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks guys - I have both seasons on DVD and our goal is to review every single one of them, here, at The Dungeon!..

If we make it -

Anonymous said...

re: Grant,

"Nearly the best moment is the Akada character describing expanded consciousness, and that look that James Doohan and Jason Wingreen give."

Absolutely my favorite part of this episode, raising it far above a simple Jekyll & Hyde story. the blissed-out look on Aki Aleong's face is absolutely dreamy and beatific to the Nth degree! A moment of higher realization of reality experienced (minus drugs) by very few only rarely in life. (IMHO) For this scene, it has become a favorite episode of the OUTER LIMITS series. Gawd nose, the first season ("thx" to Joe Stefano) has little but monster suits to offer.

Lacey said...

Of course several of these characters were on Star Trek as was generally the case in those days. You had a stable of actors and they moved from show to show.

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