Saturday, August 3, 2019

NOROI NO YAKATA: CHI O SUU ME - "Lake Of Dracula" (1971)

 Tonight's Saturday Night Special is a 1970's vampire movie from Japan titled "Noroi No Yakata:Chi O Suu Me" or......

 ....."Lake Of Dracula."
Now I have to admit that I think the title "Lake Of Dracula" sucks, but this is actually a pretty good movie. It's a Toho film, so you know I'm probably right!
And yes, it's my understanding that it's also known as
(I'm really not kidding.)

 "Lake Of Dracula" starts off with a little girl looking for her small dog that has run off!
What really bothers me here is that, isn't that the ocean, not a lake?
I think the name should at least be "Ocean Of Dracula" or maybe "Sea Of Dracula!"

 What the little girl discovers is an olde creepy house!

 With an ever creepier owner!

 Aw, Hell No! I'm just getting started!

 Character actor Shin Kishida does a great job as Japula. He was also in the other 70's Japanese vampire movie, "Evil Of Dracula!"

 What it is, is a painting of a memory, or was it a dream?
That's the problem, distinguishing between the two!

 The Doctors can't quite figger out what happened here. I guess they never had time to go to the movies while they were in college!

 This gal decides to check out of the hospital on her own!

 Akiko, the haunted woman who doesn't know if she's dreaming or not is played by Midori Fujita. This was Midori's first film, and she was only in five more after it. It might have permanently scarred her!

 Japula is thrown off his deathlong mission by the glare of lights!

 Heroes is heroes, even if they don't understand everything!

 I'd be krazy too if this was my kitchen!!
Like, Wow!

 When you think of a Japanese movie with a dumbass title like "Lake Of Dracula," you don't expect much, but with this one, you might be surprised! All of a sudden, none of that matters! 
This guy really is Dracula!

 Drac's really busy!
 He wants this woman for a number of reasons I'm not allowed to elaborate on!

 Unfortunately, it's too late for her good lookin' Sister Natsuko!
(I just wrote that, and then looked up some bio info on Sanae Emi, the actress who played Natsuko, and found out she died at the age of 36 as the result of a homicide, but good luck finding out the real story).

What goes around, comes around!
 It wasn't a dream!

"Lake Of Dracula!"
Stupid name (Blame The Translation). Good movie!
 (Although, if you're any kind of vampire nut, you will see, and feel, the end coming!)

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