Friday, August 30, 2019

TOWER OF LONDON / Don't Come Alone! - 1962

In today's movie directed by Roger Corman, upon the death of his brother, King Edward IV, Richard of Gloucester conspires to get the throne for himself. The late King had two young sons, his heir, Edward V and the younger Prince Richard, but they are not of age and so names his other brother Richard as Lord Protector of the Realm. He soon kills his younger brother but is haunted by his ghost for what he has done. As he continues to kill those around him, Richard is haunted by those he has betrayed hearing voices and slowly descending into madness. He spreads rumors that the late King's two sons are illegitimate and therefore not eligible to ascend to the throne. He assassinates the young princes and is crowned King Richard III. However, the ghosts from his past have the final say...

This one stars Vincent (THE TINGLER) Price, Michael (BRAINSTORM) Pate, Joan (TEENAGE REBEL) Freeman, Robert (THE FLAME BARRIER) Brown and Bruce (PIRANHA) Gordon.

King Edward IV is dying, he's trusting in his brother, Richard of Gloucester, to take care of his young sons after his death. Richard looks so serious about wanting to help out... Right!

Years later, Richard lures Edward V into his wine cellar, where, he ends up ramming a sword into the king to be's back, then, dumps him into a vat.

Soon after that though, the ghost of Edward pays the murderer a surprise visit. The incident leaves Richard perplexed and ignites his paranoia...

Richard's cruelty has no bounds, he has the girl whipped, where, she dies. Well, her ghost pays Richard visit, making him even a little nuttier.

But, nothing seems to diminish his terrorism, nobody's safe from his devious ways!

Here's a vision Richard has during one of his paranoia attacks.

Then, Richard is visited by yet another ghost who tells him his future (not good). He seems to be building up a tolerance to the ghosts, he just argues with the spirits now. Love that last still, the curl on his lips is priceless!

Richard was warned, but, decides to go to war with his rivals anyway. Like the ghost said, all his troops are dead, Richard is the only survivor...

The ghosts of all his victims show up to confront Richard, he trys to fend them off with his sword, but, they're ghosts!! Richard gets on his horse to make his escape but is thrown off and falls on his sword!!

Richard takes his last breath and disappears into a pond, never to be seen again... So, check in again tomorrow when we'll unwrap another wild 'n' weird post for you and everybody else!

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TC said...

Vincent Price also had a small part in the 1939 version of Tower of London as George, Duke of Clarence, one of Richard's victims.

The 1939 movie starred Basil Rathbone as Richard, and Boris Karloff as his murderous henchman.

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