Friday, August 9, 2019

ACNE / A Horror Film By Rusty Nails - 2000

We head for the edge today with this weird story about Franny and Zooey, who wake up one morning, ready to go on a high school field trip, but their plans change when Zooey drinks some contaminated water and his head becomes a huge pustule!! When Franny comes to aid him, Zooey turns her into a monster like him and they then set off on a bizarre journey, mutating other teenagers, encountering locals and developing a very unusual craving for chocolate. The army starts a statewide manhunt for the infected teens as they struggle to remain human.

This is Zooey, played by Rusty Nails, he's having a nice cup of contaminated water, mmmm, rooks dericious! He immediately falls to the floor...

After he wakes up, his head looks like a big zit. He grabs some cream cheese and absorbs it by rubbing it on the pustule... Like, gross!

After Zooey infects Franny, they go out into the woods to figure things out.

In the meantime, we learn that some military dudes are discussing their great plan to infect the locals. Thing is, it only infects teenagers!! That's right, only teens... Genius!

Let's pay a little visit to Uncle Ubriaco's Grocery Store with its 50 cent paper sign! Anyway, Zooey and other infected kids head inside to sample some treats, especially chocolate.

In a weird little scene, a gypsy woman tells Zooey that he's part of a military experiment that has singled out teenagers. In other words, the back story on the military's involvement.

Back to the action, the military guys are looking at drawings of how the teens look after they're infected! And, they're proud of their work!

Zooey is real sick, so, a group of the teens take him to the doctor's office. The office looks like a bathroom with mom's reading lamp for light.

This my favorite still from the movie!

This thing is 80 minutes long and 40 minutes is spent just having the infected teens stagger around in the woods and on the tracks and roads.

It starts raining. The teens all fall down and pop seeds or eggs out of the tops of their puss filled heads!.. It's a madhouse!!

Then we find Zooey and Franny, still staggering along, all normal now, walking home... Go figure! Tune in tomorrow when we return with more Dungeon Cargo!

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