Monday, August 26, 2019

POPEYE THE SAILOR / "Onion Pacific" - 1940

Here's a great Popeye cartoon where him and Bluto fight it out for a railroad franchise. Will Bluto outwit Popeye, or, does Popeye kick his ass?..

It's the big day for the race and Wimpy is the MC in this epic race. Of course he wolfs down a few hamburgers before the race starts.

Get ready, set, GO!!

Olive Oyl ends up in Bluto's cab, she tries to get into Popeye's train only to be a wishbone!

Both trains get to the trestle bridge at the same time and the guys have to hold on for dear life to get across without incident!

Then, Bluto grabs the wheel gear and tosses it away, so, our hero just simply becomes the gear! Makes sense to me.

Bluto flips the track switch and Popeye, Olive and the train take a detour and crash into a water tower, destroying the old coal burner...

So, guess what time it is... That's right, it's Spinach Time!!

Popeye reassembles the pieces into a streamliner, he backs it out and floors it!

He passes Bluto by so fast that his train spins off the track and it screws into the ground, losing the race big time.

Popeye gets the franchise and a big kiss from Olive, bringing our story to a happy ending. Hey, tune in again on Wednesday when Eegah!! will have anotheer great post, just for you...


Anonymous said...

A big hit movie the previous year (1939) was Cecil B. DeMille's "Union Pacific," an epic Western starring Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanwyck, and Robert Preston, about the heroes building the railroad and the bad guys trying to sabotage it.

KD said...

As a kid, I seriously watched all the POPEYE cartoons...I even thought that eating spinach would make me a hero instead of a zero, so I tried spinach once. Didn't go down well, so I stayed a zero! :X

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