Monday, August 5, 2019

THE HANDS OF ORLAC / They Have A Life Of Their Own! - 1924

Here's a silent German classic from 1924, the story goes like this... A world-famous pianist, Paul Orlac, loses both hands in a train accident. When new hands are grafted on, Orlac doesn't know they once belonged to a man accused of murderer, and who was put to death just before the operation.

This flick stars Conrad (THE MAN WHO LAUGHS) Veidt, Alexandra (RASPUTIN, DEMON WITH WOMEN) Sorina, Fritz (THE GREAT LOVE) Strassny, Paul (THREE TALES OF TERROR) Askonas, Carmen (THE MAN WITH THE LIMP) Cartellieri, Hans (IMMORTAL MELODIES) Homma and Fritz (BLUEBEARD - 1951) Kortner.

Poor pianist Paul Orlac is in a horrendous train wreck. Well, at least he's alive, even though he probably won't be able to play the piano any more...

Paul gets a new pair of hands, grafted on by Dr. Serral after the accident. But, he can only play a Troll's Dirge, he seems to have no control over them!.. They suck!!

Orlac goes out and buys a newspaper. Check out that vintage newspaper stand, wow! So, he reads an article about himself and finds out that his new hands are those of a murderer named Vassuer!

Orlac is going crazy, he visits his doctor and tries to pull his hands off!!

Then, Orlac tries to write a note but Vasseur takes over in a maniacal manner.

Paul is to receive his father's estate, but he finds the old man dead on the floor! Problem is, did Paul kill him?!

Orlac is out wandering in the streets after he found his dead father, a dude named Nera is now stalking him.

Orlac and Nera go to a cafe and discuss a few things, like the fact that Vasseur's fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime...

Orlac has been arrested, but Nera has to take off his fake arms. From a voice in the shadows, a woman tells the police that Orlac is innocent, and, Nera is the real killer!

Now we know how Nrea did it, very scientific for an oaf!

Orlac is happy as Hell, his hands are clean! He acts like a total spaz the whole movie. You call that progress?.. Sheesh!

It's off to the zoo for Nera, he almost got away wif' it... Tune in Wednesday where we'll bring you another twisted installment, here, at The Dungeon!!..

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Anonymous said...

It was remade in 1935 as Mad Love, with Peter Lorre, Frances (The Invisible Ray) Drake, and Colin (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights) Clive.

A 1960 remake used the original title, and starred Christopher Lee, Mel Ferrer, and Donald Pleasence. It updated the story, with a plane crash instead of a train wreck. David (Brides of Dracula) Peel had a small part as the pilot.

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