Friday, August 23, 2019

DRACULA MUST BE DESTROYED / Dan Schies: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1972

So, here's another Monster Kid Home Movie, this time from Dan Schies and pals. It's all about the return of Dracula, he sets up a new pad in some kid's basement after he's brought back to the land of the living... But, he also has a nemesis!

I think some kind of Dwight Frye character's toting around a stupid dead kid!

Back to the show... With some bloody hoodoo, Dracula reassembles into a Visible Man model.

He starts breathing again, and, we all better watch out... Drac is back with a fang attack!!.. Hey, nice coffin!

I vant to bite your neck, yo!

Then, little Drac meets his nemesis, another stupid kid, and they wrassle around for awhile until the nemesis runs away!

The good guy comes back with a shotgun and shoots Drac's assistant and heads to the basement with his bag of tricks.

The first thing he pulls out is a cross, smart.

Then, the hammer and stake! It's driven deep into Dracula's evil heart and he heads back to the land of the dead... Goodbye!

Hmmm, looks like Dracula must'a been destroyed!..

And, that's the end of Count Dracula!!.. Wow, can you believe it? I can't. Anyway, we're back tomorrow with another wild tale from the void, here, at The Dungeon!

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KD said...

I didn't start making my own 8mm epics (or "echhh-pix" as I called them!) until I reached the ripe old age of 17 (so I didn't use kidlets playing cosmic monsters or space aliens), but this stuff is almost always cute to see! (I did play an alienoid Spock-like outer space dude at 17, and I still carry a pic of me from that 7-minute "teen trek" on my cell phone everywhere I go! ;) )

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