Thursday, October 22, 2009

Z'nuther Blast From That Happy Halloween Past!

All right folks, laying it all on the line, purely for your enjoyment, when you're talkin' downright real Halloween, it don't get much better than this! I'm thinkin' the clown PJ's explain a whole lot!!

Yes! It's our fellow co-conspirator Zillagord in all his Zillaglory!! Diggin' those knee patches!!

The Tin Man costume is too cool in this picture of Zillagord joined by Baby Bro Jonny Z!!

The Hell with Trick or Treat, Gimme the candy now or rot forever in the bowels of Hades!


Raven176 said...


Nice share.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, man. Linked ya!

robert troch said...

It's Halloween time for us too. I am linking this to build the atmosphere. Cool to see this stuff. Wish the pics of my childhood Halloweens survived!

zillagord said...

I sincerely hope crazy degenerate Albert Cole ain't lurking outside the chainlink fence leering at these...

TABONGA! said...

Tabonga have plenty of knee patch as nipper too!

And, TCG, tanks!

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