Saturday, October 17, 2009

FORBIDDEN WORLD / New World Pictures - 1982

Oh boy, here is great Halloween Treat from Monster Guys here at le Dungeon, because flick not that well known. And, for good reason!

A Science Fiction Horror Adventure That'll Blow You Away! is how tagline read for this Corman creation from his New World Studio in Santa Monica, which Tabonga can say, he went for visit one time.

Start with robot helper SAM-104 waking up Jesse Vint from deep space sleep. He beautiful enough!

Atchally, enemy rocket are on tailfin and unleashin' some lead!

Jesse have to wake up fast and it ain't fun to dodge atomic bullet before having cup of coffee!! Not to worry though, there would be no flick if he lose space fight!

Today soundclip is excellent rollie coaster-train wreck ride for ears! Music by Susan Justin, she have total of 7 composing credit including GRUNT, THE WRESTLING MOVIE, which also, Tabonga was extra in when live in Fresno! And, 2 of her credit are from 2009!!!

Pet Piff an' Ralphie help tomorrow with special Sunday spooktacular, will see them cute lil' rascal then! For now, better fasten seat belt!!.. MUTANT! ...MUTANT is alternate title.

After credit roll, Jesse hotly greeted by Dawn Dunlap in giant sugar cube room on Forbidden World.

Kinda weird experiment going on in science laboratory! Crazy doctor with glasses is spattered wif' blood for entire flick!!

Tabonga have infestation of this stuff one time. MF to get rid of!!

Curiosity kill the...


Okay, time to take break for dinnertime. Mmmmm, smell good! Blue milk seem stupid though, but, who know?

Meantime, baby monster having lil' snack too!.. Nummy.

Always time for a tune, even on Forbidden World!

Suddenly, we in STAR WARS!

But first, small detour! Jesse come in to tell all naked gurl to be careful, there monster on the loose! (yeah, in Jesse' pant!)

Back to STAR WARS! Guy get ready to go outside to look for real monster on the loose!

Time for desert scene, everbloody line up over here so we can go over lines!

This what happen to extra who not line up when told!!

Goddamn snipe hunt on Forbidden World!

Those varmints can attach to anything!

Like today, can watch baby from work.

Stupid thing crash through grate and now it back inside!! Game over, man!


Always time for!.. Oh, never mind... Gurlz act all prissy around monster!


Crazy-ass doctor still tryin' to save dude!! Then, it grab gurl' robe and try to cop a feel!

You need to watch for self to see what Jesse have to do to kill monster! Yucky Duck!!.. Did you notice that now flick is ALIEN!!

Here is very cool view from inside monster' mouth!!

All Tabonga can say about end is... Tune in tomorrow for another special Halloween treat!


Snipes said...

I watched this one a couple weeks ago, it's not bad, although nothing really sets it apart from any of the other alien type monster films.

TABONGA! said...

Gurlz was best part!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

nice ass!

Ivan said...

You guys rule!
I saw this movie when it first came out, and have never forgotten its sleazy and vile awesomeness.

RODAN! said...

totally SLEAZY and VILE!!

buzz said...

This movie and GALAXY OF TERROR are the two best ALIEN rip offs ever!

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