Friday, October 16, 2009

LA REBELLIÓN DE LAS MUERTAS - Juan Carlos Calderón - "Revolt Of The Dead Ones" (1973)

Time to get the weekend rolling as we're just past the halfway mark on this Halloween Countdown! Hope you've been having as much fun as we have! Tonight's Very Scary Feature has multiple titles, and in this incarnation was dubbed "Vengeance Of The Zombies"!

And Yes, what we have here is yet still another Paulific Naschypiece from Spain, this time with Paul in three different roles! He wanted to do ALL the roles in the movie himself, but director León Klimovsky said, "No, Paul, you wrote it, and you've got three roles, that's enough!"

Here's Paul # 01, the see-er, the seeker, the chosen one, with his Freak Flock!! Oh, crap, even this one role is three!!

Oh, Yeah, The musical center stage is seized by Maestro Juan Carlos Calderón who I'm sure you know from his work in "House of Psychotic Women" and "The Day That Shook The World!" Swingin' cool jazzy stuff crossed with a trainwreck, followed by a jammin' little number, that has some dude mumblehummin' along with the melody the whole time. An interesting concept ba, ba, ba, bow, ba, ba, baba ba, ba, ba etc!

Here we go again, time for another relaxing stay in the country, as Cream would say, "away from the worry and hurry of city life!!"

Then, after the funeral for the guy with the Axe in his head, it's like life turned into one giant Halloween party, and everybody's having more fun than you, if you get my drift!!

Uh, Oh!! Here's Paul #02, the really bad one, and I don't know if you've ever been around a male goat during mating season, but they got a reeking punget stank that smells just the way Paul looks right about here!!

It's a good thing Paul wrote the script for himself, because where else were they going to find any 5 foot two, 230 pound freaks who think they can fly??

Paul sez Bahaaahaaa!!"

This is a fascinating shot! It's not often you see a graveyard and a playground in prefect juxtaposition!!

Paul again, this time as the horribly scarred one that you're sposed to figger out which one of the other ones he is. See, it's all about Paul, all the time!

Here the other night, it was "switchblade pitchforks" and now we have "dueling pitchforks!"

"Squeal like a pig!!!"

Trick Or Treat!!!

What should be the first thing you learn at cop school, don't waste your bullets on dead chicks!! They like it!!

Oh, WTF, give me a break!!! So now do you believe me that this is a Halloween movie??


zillagord said...

I hafta confess to some envy over not getting to write about this one. Wow.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

whoa! i hope Netflix has this one!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That would be Affirmative good buddy!

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