Saturday, October 3, 2009

THE WITCHES MOUNTAIN / Azor Films, Spain - 1972

Whoa!.. Today we gots one extreme wild an' wooly soundclip from 1972 Spanish flick starring Patty Shepard, her career was nothing but Euro flick from 1966-88, big total of 47! Some movie she star in are ASSIGNMENT TERROR, THE WEREWOLF vs THE VAMPIRE WOMAN, CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD and SLUGS (US titles)!!

Everything start when mom come home and crazy thing happening like weird writing on mirror and little daughter kill the cat!! Oh, by the by, all this have absolutely nothing to do with the flick, lady just having bad day!!.. WTF!!!

No wonder story not make a lot of sense, screenplay by FOUR dude! But, music is great and really out there for 1972 Spain, at least Tabonga think so! Dude responsible is Mr. Fernando García Morcillo, he end up with 64 composing credit from 1951-97! More titles he compose for: THE SECRET OF DR. ORLOFF, FANTASIA 3, A WITCH WITHOUT A BROOM, THE CANNIBAL MAN, VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST, NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS and HOWL OF THE DEVIL!

So, Ralphie the Tarantula tell Tabonga his clock say it time to press giant big red 'GO' button once again here at old Dungeon. Oh, an' he say this dedicated to 'Monte.' Don't ask Tabonga, you figure out how tarantula' brain work! El Monte de las Brujas! Better batten down you hatches for this one!!

Perv hero pro photographer Mario (John Gaffari) taking topless pics of Patty as she sunbathe in the Pyrenees. Then, he ask her if she want to explore area with him since he on photo assignment.

What else, she say okay! Producer remind her that if she refuse... No flick! Anyway, they head out for adventure.

They stop for night at old castle. Kinda weird inn keeper and place, but, hey, can have fun anyway, so, a wash! Okay, we take the room!!

Tabonga spend extra time to get this 'perfect' still, so, everbloody better appreciate it!

But, fun get all wrecked because of perv inn keeper!

Next day they go on merry way and Mario waste lots of time an' film because he forget to take off lens cap!

They wander all over countryside and eventually stumble upon old witch place.

Old bat seem kinda okay but then she like to put long pin in doll head for some reason... Hmmm! Wacky!

Mario snoop around and find large quanity of pogey bait, and so he dispose of it best way possible!

Time to get hell out of another place! But, where in hell we going?

That night Mario and Patty get trapped and coven of witch come an' have big ceremony on mountain top!

They come for Patty!! "Patty, Patty, fo fatty!"

Okay, to make crazy mix-up story short... Patty turn into witch, Mario get ass kick good by gurlz!! Perfekt ind!


zillagord said...

A WITCH WITHOUT A BROOM! Best title EVER! Oh man, I'm crackin' up over that one!

Patty is great, I loved her in Werewolf Vs Vampire Women. A real ethereal and spooky woman. Glad I got to see a little more of her here :)

Thanks for the great run-down on this one!


Samuel Wilson said...

Freaky! I just watched this yesterday. You've saved me the trouble of blogging about it, since your reactions reflect my own.

Christopher said...

what is this ?..A musical?

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??