Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MASTER MINDS / Monogram Pictures -1949 / Bowery Boys

Tabonga gets the night off as he's having "swell time" on his vacation in Hell and wants to stay an extra day, so, Rodan's filling in for the old oak stump again... Actually he's exotic wood from some unknown island!

All I can say about our classic feature is, find youself a copy of this GEM! and watch it, you will not believe how cool it is, it has some of the funniest moments I have ever seen!!

The musical director is Mr. Edward J. Kay, with an incredible 328 music director credits! Eegah!! gives up a sampling of music with some great lines from this highly recommended comedy-horror film from 1949!!

Starts right here!.. MASTER MINDS!

Starts as usual, Sach (Huntz Hall) is 'gettin' ideas' from the ozone!

Then, Slip Mahoney (Leo Gorcey) has the big idea of making some cash at the carnival side show because Sach gets a 'psychic gift' after a devastating toothache from eating hard candy! It's as simple as banana peel pie!

The show is billed 'Ali Ben Sachmo' and Slip barks as the girlies dance to bring in the customers!

When in a trance, Ali Ben Sachmo actually predicts events and facts with 100% acuracy!

He connects a long lost dad up with his long lost sonny boy!

Meanwhile, back at the mad lab!

Okay, here's an absolutely awesome pack of weirdos, rivaling the great characters in another movie we've already posted, THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS from a year earlier! If he looks familiar, that's Alan (Alfred on Batman) Napier playing Dr. Druzik, who's very clever and always one step ahead of everyone else...

Then, there's iconic Glenn Strange as the menacing, Atlas!

The doc decides he wants to change brain content with Sach and Atlas, since Sach is such a genius!!

So, he brings musclehead Otto and they visit Sach after the show. Sach has come out of the trance and is acting goofy, throwing the doc off a bit... But, ultimately, they're taking what they came for!

Wow, William Yetter and Skelton Knaggs... Whotta pair!!!

This part reminds me of BEDAZZLED when Stanley was confronted by the bouncer at George's club!

Thank you, Nikola Tesla!!!

Everything going perfectly, as planned!..

Now, this is where things get really fun!..

Atlas is now in Sach's body, and, guess what?.. He's just as tenacious! Otto and Hugo barely trick him into a cell before he destroys the entire place! The second still shows Sach mauling Otto as he tries to lock the cell door, which takes awhile because Sach is roughing him up so much!! It's effin' hilarious to see Sach as such a demon!

The real Sach now looks like this!

He breaks out of Forsythe and goes back to the gang's hangout, a malt shop ran by Louie, played by Leo's real father, Bernard. You'se can see's the reaction!.. Glenn is miming the mannerisms of Huntz, with Huntz's voicetrack. It is so damn funny!!

Awesome stuff here, waiting for Louie to return from the back room. You can get a DVD-R copy of this movie at!

Sach gets tired of waiting for the invite, so he shows himself in!

When the gang go to the lab to find out what's going on, they're greeted by the maniacal Sach, so, it doesn't take long before they're all locked up!

Bad Sach harrasses the hell out of Louie and then good Sach tries to reason with the bad one!

In the end, Sach loses his tooth and Ali Ben Sachmo ist kaput, and, Slip's money machine disappears right in front of his eyes. Well, until the next movie for these great guys!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

you're absolutely right, Glenn Strange is a HOOT in this film! Master Minds & Meet The Monsters are must-sees!

marcmel said...

As a matter of fact, Bernard Gorcey (Louie) was Leo Gorcey's father in real life. I rememebr watching this movie when I was a kid growing up in Argentina, back in the '70s... They showed these Bowery Boys movies from Monday to Friday in the afternoon! Great times...

RODAN! said...

Marcmel - thank you for the fact check, I'll correct it on the blog now, thanks...

Christopher said...

Glenn Strange must have been a delight to be around from what I hear..big likable fun loving lug..

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