Sunday, October 11, 2009

ROLLER MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE - Red Greenback and The Blue Boys - "Everybody Seemed To Be Having More Fun Than Me" (1974)

Those "four beloved turkeys" Peter Bergmen, Phillip Proctor, David Ossman, and the guy in the spotlight tonight, Phil Austin, collectively known as "The Firesign Theatre" have probably had as much influence on what we do here as anybody or anything! Talk about movies for the mind, when they were on, those cats were the masters! So, that being said, tonight's special treat is just a snippet of what you will be in store for if you go out and Get Yourself a Copy of Phil Austin's solo release, "Roller Maidens From Outer Space!" Don't let that cover or any of these pictures fool you, this is one of THE most amazing things ever put on vinyl by musicians or comedians!

Joined by Proctor, Ossman, and Bergman, along with Michael C. Gwynne, and the inspirational Oona Elliot, this is a wild tale combining TV series's "Carhook!," "The Regular and Ethyl Show," "Oooh Juicy," "Celebrity Roller Rassling," and the movie "The Roller Maidens From Outer Space" into one gigantic fireball of thrills!

Oona also gets credit for the Rollie Maidens outfits or lack thereof!

Somewhere in the middle of the whole thing, there is also a telethon going on, and one of the talents of the evening was Red Greenback and The Blue Boys performing "You've Got All Night To Wrestle A Live Nude Stewerdess In Flight"!!!! Not only is it probably THE best country song EVER recorded by anybody, it's also freakin' hilarious, and there is not one word wasted. These guys pack more into two minutes and 35 seconds than most people get out of a career, with lyrics like "I shouted Good Lord, then I wish I hadn't said it, if I had one brain them people coulda read it!" Lyrics by Phil Austin!

Oona Elliot gets credit for some writing, background vocals, costume design and is who Phil dedicates the album to!

The other beautiful "Space Angel" maidens are Krissi Ronning, Jennifer Kampen, Elizabeth Grand, and Lynn Taylor!

Phil Austin does the vocals and plays guitar, and is joined by musicians Henry Diltz on Banjo, Douglas Hatlelid on Bass, Cyrus Faryar on guitar and Lee Vaunce on percussion!

My highest recommendation is that you go and seek out at least a minimum of three of the Firesign Theatre's releases, "How Can You Be In Two Places At Once, When You're Not Anywhere At all," "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers," and "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus!!!"

And here's where you can get 'em!

I have no idea why Phil Austin is not "King Of The World" today, a guy with more talent in his toenail than 500 Picassos, I'm thinking he possibly sold his soul to the owners of those Almighty Switchblade Pitchforks in exchange for making this album!!


zillagord said...

What's all this brouhaha?

TABONGA! said...

Rocky Rococco at your cervix!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Brouhaha? Ha, Ha, Ha, ha ha!!

zillagord said...

I'll take an anchovy to go... and hold the pizza!

This explains so much about why I enjoy you guys. An AHA! moment if ever there was one.

I wonder where Ruth is?

RODAN! said...

You can't get there from here!

Max said...

Live forever while your friends fall apart around you like rotten fruit!

Their Y2K record Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death dates itself a bit with topical satire, but it's fantastic overall.

RODAN! said...

Here's kinda what happened to Firesign Theatre - Cheech & Chong! That's right, most people get stupid when they do drugs, they don't get intellectual! C & C won that war by attrition.

Don't forget about David Ossman, he wrote 'Everything You Know Is Wrong' and had a solo album 'How Time Flys.'

And, we're going to be posting J-MEN FOREVER by Proctor + Bergman real soon, too!.. BOO-YAH!

Unknown said...

Absolutely my favorite Firesign Theater collaboration. Careens across the aural landscape like some crazy monkey. Delightful madness, every minute. Buy 'em now; I was right about the comet!

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