Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TALES OF TOMORROW / The Crystal Egg - TV 1951


TIME FOR!.....

For you not familiar with this TV series broadcast from 1951-3, then here is great way to introduce you, classic episode written by H. G. Wells!! This story is probably precursor to WAR OF THE WORLDS. Music credit go to Lee White, Lew White, Bobby Christian and Irving Robbin.

So, here is tonight' vintage soundclip!.. TABLEAUX TO MARS!

Story start with Tall Dark Stranger interested in cheap looking glass egg in antique shop. He act like it best thing since slice bread, so shop keeper, Mr. Cave, want science friend to look at first before deciding on final price.

Thomas Mitchell star as Professor Frederick Vaneck, friend of Mr. Cave. He agree to take a look...

Now, begin by using proper scientific method, just wanting to get good look at!

Hmmm, kinda hypnotizin'...

Wait, what the!.. Izzat?.. Who?.....

Suddenly, Professor hear weird voice with ominous message from Mars!!

Pretty damn cool for 1951 TV, give youself big hand, prop department!!

Professor figure out transmission come from... MARS!!

Mr. Cave come over to listen to Professor' story of scientific importance, but grab crystal egg and make 23 skidoo out lab door!! Now he know it worth big fortune and Professor not getting grubby his little hand on!

Professor cannot believe what just happen, so he go to antique shop to get egg back. Mrs. Cave say she not see husband since he went to sell to Tall Dark Stranger!!

The Professor try to get help from government official, but where is proof?!

Tall Dark Stranger pay Professor Vaneck little visit and break 78 recording of warning from rubber Martian!!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Very cool! Great stills, thanks for sharing.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

hey, this looks really cool!

TABONGA! said...

FQ - you welcome!

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