Saturday, October 10, 2009

QUEEN KONG / Cine Art Produzione UK - 1976

Today, Tabonga shift into higher Halloween gear wif' maybe THE ABOMINATION of all flick of all time, although you would not know by look an' listen to Dungeon' still capture and soundclip. You really have to watch this train wreck for self to get full brunt o' how it could earn choice title like that!.. HEY, Tabonga not kidding here, this serious business and Tabonga not have any problem giving atomic-power mahonany-limb clothesline to anybloody who want to challenge statement! Bring it on!!

Dino De Laurentiis sue and prevent this embarrassing mess from theatrical release in US an' UK, with limited release in Germany and Italy only, then recently release on DVD! In 1990's, Japanese comedians redub it like Woody Allen' WHAT'S UP TIGER LILY!!! It is perfect flick for that, to be sure!

Ever'thing start when sissy dude actor quit because he being treated like piece-o-meat... By GURLZ!! Producer Luce Habit (Rula Lenska) need to find new boy-toy for her big plan to take boat to distant island and finish film.

Soundclip today is excellent, an' you can thank Eegah!! for that as always! Okay, band Pepper make all music for QUEEN KONG, and, is only movie Pepper ever work on!!! To be sure, like flick, well, irritating like Hell! and even have Benny Hill-style comedy segment!

Now is time to bring in Tabonga' pet, Ralphie the Tarantula, to activate audio activity!! Okay, lil' guy, press that giant old big red 'GO' button on special Halloween Countdown Saturday here at Dungeon!!.. RAY FAY AND THE APE! An' lots of great still to tickle you brain matter!

Oh, look, here is hero Ray Fay who just steal KING KONG poster from local shop!.. Let exploitation begin!!!

When go on long ocean cruise, always fun to sing an' dance to kill some time!

Calypso Gurlz brought along on voyage because they know where island is. When they get near island, fund run out and producer make jump into water because cannot afford any more!

Calypso Gurlz get eat by gurl shark!.. Let exploitation continue!!

So, they make it ashore, then watch Ray change into sexy clothes for shoot.

They find village where sexy an' strange things going on!


Okay, who not able to follow that, raise hand.

Definitely Tabonga favorite part of this flick! An' a few other flick too.

Alright!.. Now time for giant monster fights!

First QK have to battle dinosaur, then flying turkey, to save lover boy Ray from two big old set of hungry sharp teeth!

Don't ask Tabonga how, but Luce and her gurl get QK knock out, all chain up and back to London in one piece!

"Queen Kong!"

What else, she get loose...

Night shots wif' theater having 'Ronald Reagan' film festival four year before he become president! Bottom photo show inside of airplane cockpit.

"It's a madhouse!"

So, Luce gots the hots for Ray but he in love with QK!!! QK find room they staying and break in to give Ray helping hand. Funny thing, whenever Ray get into QK' hand, he act like trained hamster... Weird!

Probably best shot of QK!

Ray get on the horn and tell all gurl out there in radio an' TV land to fight male establishment and help Queen Kong to go back to island where she come from... And, it woik!!



Prof. Grewbeard said...


DZONDZON said...

That really looks like a movie I'd love.

zillagord said...

Perhaps another round of the sweet ditty "It's Incredible" from "2-Headed Transplant" is in order. This looks astounding! I am on this!

Too bad I missed that Reagan film fest...

Christopher said...

oh I gotta see this!..How did this escape me?..
..Ronald Regan film festival here i come!

Anonymous said...

Dudes, where's the excellent theme song?!

Queen Kong, Queen Kong, Queen Kong is the chick with all the hair
Queen Kong comes from I don't know where

Anonymous said...

Ignore previous comment. Didn't see the link.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??