Friday, October 9, 2009

CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE - Ron Stein - "Breathe! Live!! Breathe!!!" (1966)

Okay, Here's a Halloween bonus feature for you, a movie shot in where else but, Uncertain, Texas, "Curse Of The Swamp Creature"!!!

"Curse Of The Swamp Creature" is right up there at the top of the list of the best worst monster movies ever made and can be freely downloaded at The Internet Archive!

Produced & Directed by Larry Buchanan, with music by The Monster Music Maestro Ronald Frank N. Stein, what more could any monster fearing freak possibly want for free???

Assume The Position!

Because you're going to Really like this movie!!!

Most of the swingin' music comes during this scene at the beginning of the film where Francine York as Pat Trent tries to woo Bill Thurman as Driscoll West into hangin' with her a little longer, while Roger Ready as her accomplice Frenchie hands out the free drinks!

Still looking good today, Francine York went on to have quite an astounding career, having been in "Space Monster" and "Mutiny In Outer Space," she would also end up in the role of Lydia Limpet in the "Batman" TV series and also as Niolani in "Lost In Space" besides a host of other roles!

So while Pat keeps Driscoll busy, Cal Duggan as Ritchie, ransacks his room in an effort to find the secret information!

Bill catches on, and goes back to his room! They had to write Bill out of the story real fast, since they shot this film in a week, and he also had to play the part of The Creature!!!

Ritchie sez "I don't play games!"

The next time we hear some swingin' music is when Mr. Reliable, John Agar makes the scene! John thinks out loud, "What would Shirley think?"

Finally we get back to Jeff Alexander as the Mad Doctor Simon Trent! Search our archives to find out more about some of the quasi-classic films that Jeff has been in, like "The Black Cat" and "Zontar-The Thing From Venus!"

"Kill Them, Kill Them!!" I don't know, John Agar looks pretty stiff already!!

But, Oh, No, Bill Thurman gets confused by his multiple roles and turns on the good doctor himself, or maybe he just can't see through those ping pong balls!!



Prof. Grewbeard said...

well, i know at least part of Mars Needs Women was filmed in Houston and from the looks of this film i'm guessing it was filmed near Galveston buuuuuuut...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

More like right on Caddo Lake, about 16 miles from Jefferson! And it's all starting to make sense, now that I know that Caddo Lake was the site of the world's first off-shore drilling for oil. Wow, maybe this movie isn't so stupid after all!!

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