Wednesday, October 7, 2009

THE BAT / Roland West Productions - 1926

Wednesday Oldie B+W Flick Theater come crashing down today in old silent year of 1926 and so is time for this comedy-horror-mystery-thriller movie based on play of same name!

THE BAT is very decent in many way and could actually be design for... THE BATMAN!!!!!! The Bat have bat mask, can fly, have bat-signal, tool belt and is smart, tough an' tricky!! And, some set look like Gotham City! 'Nuf said?

Tabonga really like today' soundclip and hopefully you do too. But, no telling where music come from and who is composer!

Well, look like Tabonga' pet gnat Piff been pumping toothpick and ready to press big old giant red 'GO' button and get show on road! Okay, now, Piff pressin' it with all gnat fiber an' sinue he can muster... THE BAT AND THE BEAR TRAP! Sound like moralistic title!

Hmmm, kinda look like famous comic crime fighter city... You can see The Bat flying just to right of tower in top pic!

Anyway, the 'don't call me chief!' of police get very cool hand made note from big time trouble maker, The Bat!! So, chieffie send best detective Moletti to the country on assignment, what else?!

Hey Robin, get yer ass up here and gimme a hand!

The Bat pull one last job before heading out to countryside. Notice familiar looking tool/utility belt!

At mystery writer mansion in country, Miss Cornelia Van Gorder read about The Bat might be lurking around. So, Lizzie the maid going to set out bear trap just in case, you know, something The Three Stooges might do!

Lizzie get in her two-cent worth!

What Tabonga can add?.. Well except, maybe Lizzie should wash that window sometime!!


Dude is takin' no chances wif' da Bat!!

Lizzie sit down on hot water bottle by mistake and think she sit on bat!

Nice place! Did you notice 18' door!!!!.. Damn!

Tabonga pretty sure that Miss Dale Ogden wish it was George Clooney instead!

Makeup look damn good, especially when you remember that flick is freakin' 83 year old!! Put that in you pipe!

Okay, here is best part... After getting away, The Bat manage to step in bear trap Lizzie set out! Oh, hell yeah!!

And, The Bat is unmask!

But, he have another trick up sleeve and pull out gun to turn table on everbloody again! Then, he tell Miss Cornelia Van Gorder to stop knitting and put hand up!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i love this film and the sound version too, The Bat Whispers! Chester Morris is the(Bat)Man!

(not)speaking of silents, have you guys checked out the 1928 version of The Fall Of The House Of Usher? available from Netflix, i highly recommend it!

Christopher said...

ome terrific visuals in the hot water bottle!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Great post, actually great blog. Thanks for participating in the countdown so I could find you :)


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