Tuesday, October 27, 2009

POPEYE - Winston Sharples - "Fright To The Finish" (1954)

Well, we're coming down to the wire, and what would be more appropriate than a "Fright To The Finish" and a composer with a truly astounding list of credentials like Winston Sharples! Are you kidding, are you sitting down, cause I think this is a record on this site, Winston composed the music for 784 different cartoons!! How do they figger the influence of this man on millions of children's psyche? It's kinda like second hand smoke, Uum, uum, uum! At least his name wasn't Winston Marlboros, or I would really think there was some kind of conspiracy afloat here!

I loves this shot, and it gives me a good opportunity to tell you about some of the othe scary Winston Sharples' accomplishments!

Things that went bump in the night, back in the day, with titles like..."The Friendly Ghost"(1945), and "Stupidstitious Cat"(1947), and "A-Haunting We Will Go"(1949), and "Boos in the Night"(1949), and "Deep Boo Sea"(1952) etc, etc, etc!!

Olive is getting into the spirit of the season....

But the boys have other things on their minds!

Bluto's plan scares Olive Oyl out of everything but her drawers!

But it backfires in his face, and Popeye's overall good sense and strength of character prevail once again!!!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i've never seen a review of a Popeye cartoon before, and it was just like watching it again!...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

And you can download it for free from www.internetarchive.org

Life is Good!!

zillagord said...

Awesome photos E!!

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