Sunday, October 18, 2009

PIFF + RALPHIE Present CASPER The Friendly Ghost

Piff the Gnat an' Ralphie the Tarantula say "herro everbloody" and are here to present today' presentation of their favorite lil' ghost, Casper!

Disc would not open for still capture from cartoon, so, resort to Plan B from the Dungeon instead!!

Of course, best Casper cartoon are ones directed by Izzy Sparber starting in 1945 with music arranged by Winston Sharples. Piff an' Ralphie agree!!


This could be the perfect pic of Casper and his cousins!!

Two nice 45 record sleeve.

Three nice Harvey comic cover.

Here is cheap knockoff from Atlas! Homer don't look that 'happy!'

And, for that snappy dresser you know!

Piff love this so he make sure Tabonga include it in today' post. It on his 'want list.'

This pic is 'nother special request from Piff, he love kitties too!

Piff an' Ralphie want to make one picture so Tabonga let them. Please don't laugh (too hard).

They still learning Photoshop!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

that was too cute! s'funny, i was just thinking of posting some Casper yesterday...

TABONGA! said...

PG... Brilliant minds, you know...

Max said...

The teeth on that li'l' gnat...hee hee hee! Those pics make me giggle!

zillagord said...

Great to finally put faces on Piff and Ralphie. Were did they get those hats?

TABONGA! said...

Max - lil' teeth are sharp too!

Z - Hats come from mini mart!

R. Claude said...

In Geneva (Calvingrad), we like little Casper too.
And thanks for your blog which gives us beautiful sounds and pictures !

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

René, thank you for your comment, it is very appreciated.

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