Saturday, October 24, 2009

DIE, MONSTER, DIE! / AIP - 1965 / Music by Don Banks

Tabonga has an appointment in Hell today with The Big D, so, Rodan is filling in for this very special treat as a follow up to yesterday's excellent posting of BLACK SABBATH. Again, we feature our supreme hero, Mr. Boris Karloff, in one of AIP's best and most underrated movies of that era!!

This is pretty much a Hammer film, even using music composer Don Banks, who we've featured here before. Some of Don's work includes NIGHT CREATURES, PANIC, NIGHTMARE, HYSTERIA, THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE FROZEN DEAD, TORTURE GARDEN and others.

Here's today's Halloween Countdown soundclip... LOVECRAFTY DELUXIA!

Nick Adams shows up in Arkham, England, and is headed to the Witley House in the country. After asking a number of townspeople about getting there, he gets a cold shoulder, and, some hostility. So, he heads off walking.

He notices some very strange land features as he proceeds along the road.

Upon arriving at his destination, he is then greeted by a disgruntled Boris, but is eventually joined by his girlfriend, Susan Farmer, who explains that Nick came to help the ailing, Mrs. Witley.

Down in the basement is some very strange imagery, indeed.

As a result of too much time spent at the pit, Boris' servant succumbs to the meteor's radiation poisoning at the dinner table.

Weird things just keep on happening.

Nick and Susan go to the greenhouse to see if they can find some clues to the creepy mystery.

They find what they're looking for, alright! These creatures are among some of the greatest Lovecraft monsters, ever! Awesome!!

Nick decides to get to the bottom of things, so, goes down into the basement. He's greeted with a skeleton that pops out to frighten him away, but, remember, this is Nick Adams we're talking about!!

Then, he's attacked by some weird bats!

Nick finds the pit and inspects it. Boris comes up behind him for a gratuitous 'fright' moment.

Boris spills the beans, but, is interrupted by one of the manical mutants he's created! Nick conks it on the head and it falls down the ramp.

Pretty disgusting, judging from the looks on those faces!

Boris decides to destroy the crystals from space, but, he's got a problem!

He's attacked and gets a super dose of radiation himself!

And, it doesn't look good!

His trail is easy to follow.

Now, totally transformed into a radio active mutant beast, Boris seeks and finds Nick and Susan.

Boris loses his footing, falls to his death and starts the possessed house on fire!

Fire, the universal cleansing solvent! Well, as happy an ending as possible...


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i love Nick's line, "it's like a zoo in Hell!...". great selection of grabs, too!

Jeffrey Nathaniel Lamar said...

At first I thought I was looking at The Wicker Man ,but this movie looks way better. Nice!

Ivan said...

This movie is a blast--AND it's on TCM tonight at 9:30 EST (right after The Blob).

Monster Movie Music, why are you so delicious?

RODAN! said...

One of my favorite facts is that the rejected designs for Boris' final transformation where used in Larry Buchanan's classic mess... 'THE' THE EYE CREATURES!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

and tonight, it's followed by "Riders To The Stars," Big high five TCM!!!

Will Nepper said...

DVRing it as I type! Thanks!

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