Saturday, September 5, 2009

STAR ODYSSEY / Italy - 1979 / Space Overture

Welcome to Saturday Afternoon Flick w/ Tabonga... Today we gots super end-of-cycle 108 minute! space opera from Italy 1979. Cycle of fifties-style sci-fi actually was dead around 1975 or earlier! The big budget movie 2001 from 1968 basically spelled the beginning of the end of the 50 cent special effect. Then, STAR WARS came out in 1977 with more trend setting effects and storyline. But, what a great bunch of stills, wow!! Original title is Sette Uomini d'oro Nello Spazio. Alternate title are CAPTIVE PLANET, METALLICA and SPACE ODYSSEY!

Music by Marcello Giombini again, he was here at Dungeon just last Saturday with MURDER MANSION! Scroll on down if you miss that one!

Synthesizer was very big deal in 1979, but sound very dated here... SPACED ODYSSEY!

Space is the place, man!! Hey, that one dude look like Goldust!!

Hero Dirk Laramie always attract attention wherever he go!

Seem like future going to be pretty weird an' fun...

You gotta be kidding!!

Red Zone (Cuba).

Dirk cheat when playing cards, he can see right through 'em!

There is good reason why bad guy stick together!

Hey, look, Don Post MOLE MAN mask from 1964!

These guy on same team?!

Bad guy' robot look like cute chubby cherub!.. Weird! Seem they should be maybe, scarry?! People not gonna take you serious when say you trying to take over universe!!

Earth robot look like Twiki an' act like have IQ of maybe 22... Tabonga want to know this, why even try??! What is freakin' point if all they can do is act stupid and hold up show!

Go to show you, very hard to win fight against blonde gurlie robot!

Robutt try to cheat on Gurlbot, he want relationship outside species parameter.

Dirk go into space and blow up bad guy all to hell...

Wow, that some hero welcome!

Tabonga leave you wif' horny robot lovers, they dreaming about making lil' nut and bolt bot!


prof. grewbeard said...

allow me to quote you- "you gotta be kidding!"

Christopher said...

looks good to me..all thats missing is TUNIKA!

ufo said...

Tabonga, you have done your usual great job!
However, who pushed the 'GO' button?
Piff? Ralphie? You?

TABONGA! said...

Okay UFO, you win, you catch Tabonga Bin Lazy - Ralphie an' Piff mad too, not to happen again...

Greg Goodsell said...

This is one of just many of those abjectly lousy movies from Italy that got ralphed up in the wake of STAR WARS!

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff!

Linked you:

Mr. On said...

Hey MonstaMusikMen,

Wrote ya last time 'bout Michael Palin in 'Blow Up', now it's the cute 'bot couple lifted from 'Tin' & 'Nameless' concept in good ol' U.S. of A. '60s comic 'Metal Men'.

But Stateside TV took the image of the gold skinned 'droid security guys and turned it inta 'Johnny Tamborine' on the defunct Cartoon Network 'Saul of The Mole Men'.


Wow Gold said...

nice blog.

the Duke said...

Once again I am amazed. I found this in one of my box sets, and had you not pointed out the many virtues of this cinematic chef d'œuvre I might never have gotten around to checking it out. Not sure it hits the heights of Journey to the Center of Time (no Poupee Gamin or equivalent), or Mission Stardust, but it's still a lost treasure of some kind. Kudos!

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