Friday, September 25, 2009

LA MUERTE VIVIENTE (Snake People) - Alice Uretta - "Enjoy The Privilege Of The Living Death!" (1971)

"Snake Peeps" is what would end up to be the second to the last film in the mighty Boris Karloff's long and winding list of credits! This film was made in Mexico, but Boris shot his scenes in Los Angeles, which wasn't a part of Mexico back then! Hey, if nothing else, it has a very cool title card!!!

Not the best or the worst movie you'll ever see, but I've kind of lost my tolerance for the whole concept of voodoo rituals and mangled chickens! It's just not funny anymore!!

This was the only Boris Karloff film that also had the Mexican Maestro Mini-Macho Santanón as a cast member!

Any, and I say any, movie with Boris Karloff in it is worth watching, even if all Boris had to do was show up, he would always be a scholarly gentleman and give it his best, no matter what, or how bad the circumstances were!!

Director and writer Jack Hill has etched his signature on the psyches of thousands of weirdos for his monsterpiece "Spider Baby" if nothing else!

Alice Uretta does an excellent job with the music in one of only two movies she ever worked on, the other being the 1968 Mexican Jack Hill - Boris Karloff less than classic "House Of Evil!" or "Dance Of Death" as it is sometimes known, where she shared decomposing credits with the fabuloso Enrico C. Cabiati!

Meet Yolanda Ivonne Móntez Farrington aka Yolanda Montes aka "Tongolele," or Cruella, the Devil worshipping queen! "Must be the season of the witch!!" Believe it or don't, Tongolele still works as a dancer today! I couldn't possibly think of a more prime candidate for "Death Dancin' With The Stars!"

Personally, I like my women poached, not fried!!

Can a lady get a drink around here? I'd really like a Cosmo or a glass of Chardonnay, Please!!!

Coming right up!!

So, that's a really unbelievable tale, sir, you mean to say, they pay you, and all you have to do is just sit here!! That is simply amazing!!

"Snake People" ends with this unimaginably incredible scene where this guy gets 4 swords shoved into every conceivable part of his anatomy, and he still gets his ass thoroughly chewed out by the boss!


prof. grewbeard said...

wow, i laughed so hard at the 4 swords joke i coughed up blood! well, almost!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

A mighty swath of the double edged sword fer sure!! Thanx Bud!


zillagord said...

Just discovered: a new website completely devoted to all things "Spider Baby":

Check it out!

Christopher said...

I still see Julissa.. and ocasionally Tongolele on the Novelas(Mexican Soaps),they still look great..must be all the ilegal anti-aging drugs they sell over the counter down there...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Christopher said...

same goes for Lorena Velazquez(wrestling women vs the azec mummy,Santo vs the Vampire women).they just know how to recycle these great actors and keep them working and looking great in TV dramas...I'm amazed..

buzz said...

Jack Hill has the Karloff elements for this film. Apparently it was supposed to have been shot in the US; the karloff scenes for this film (and 3 others) were filmed first and the rest of the footage for the four movies would have been filmed later (in deference to Karloff's age & health problems).

However...the producer double crossed Hill (What?!?!? I'm shocked --SHOCKED, I say! -- to hear a Hollywood producer was anything less than 110% ethical!). The non-Karloff footage was filmed in Mexico; Hill had no further participation.

How, however, Hill is trying to interest someone into producing the 4 movies as he originally envisioned them, using the Karloff elements and adding new footage based on his original scripts.

Wish him luck!

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