Friday, September 18, 2009

SPACE IS THE PLACE - Sun Ra and His Astro-Galactic Infinity Arkestra - "Bring On The Ladies" (1974)

Being cranky and cantankerous, we don't often get requests, but when we do.....You end up on a date like this! SO, here's some ca-razy music that's perfect for a Friday night, requested by one of our long time readers, Max, from jazz mad genius Sun Ra's endeavor into the realm of science fiction film, "Space Is The Place!" Sun Ra was one amazing character you could easily devote a whole blog to! He was inducted into the Jazz and Big Band Hall of Fame in 1987, and returned to the planet Saturn in the year 1993!!

Max said he thought there was a soundtrack available for this film, and there is, unfortunately it has been discontinued, but high-priced copies can be found in orbit on Amazon!

But what he really wanted to hear was this insane cacophony where Sunny Ray is playing piano in an uptown club at the begining of the film, and the solar winds come up and blow through the joint like nobody's business!!!

Sun Ra's music accelerates quickly and becomes more and more manic as the Arkestra joins in and the wind blows the piano right out from underneath him!

That was sure as Hell not what the customers were expecting or wanting! Surprise, Surpirse!

"Space Is The Place" is an insane film I don't even have time to try and explain, but I will tell you that Sun Ra was a huge fan of science fiction and was known to sit through double features twice in a row, so when he got big enough, he finally managed to do what most folks can't, make his own movie AND get it distributed!!!

The rest of the members of the mind-numbing Arkestra included John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, Eloe Omoe, Kwame Hadi, Larry Northington, Danny Thompson, Tommy Hunter, Ken Moshesh and Lex Humphries!!!

Lucky you, this film is actually available on Netflix!!! Just make sure you're prepared!!!


prof. grewbeard said...

i admit that i was surprised to see this film here, but it's a fun film and really a must-see! if only Dolemite had shown up as Petey Wheatstraw at some point it would have been perfect!(?)

Darfish said...

Well done, that looks like a fun movie! That last picture is "special" ;)

buzz said...

Space IS the place! You can't go wrong with Sun-Ra! I'll be honest, I never thot to see this film here, but 1,000 thanx for doing so!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It pleases me to know that we are capable of surprises to those who know us well!

Max said...

Cosmic thanks, brothers. Truly yours is the Altered Destiny.

Beautiful stills too -- not sure I've seen such a vibrant copy of this movie.

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