Wednesday, September 16, 2009

KING OF THE ZOMBIES / Monogram Pictures - 1941 / The Mantan Show

Welcome kiddee, wonst again, to Dungeon Wednesday B/W Oldie Flick Night! Tonight we're presenting another above average Monogram cheapie. Monogram Pictures end up producing 607!! movie between 1917-2002! Others they make are: MYSTERY PLANE, WOLF CALL, HAUNTED HOUSE, DOOMED TO DIE, QUEEN OF THE YUKON, THE APE, INVISIBLE GHOST, SPOOKS RUN WILD, THE CORPSE VANISHES, THE LIVING GHOST, THE APE MAN, GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE, VOODOO MAN, HAUNTED TRAILS, GHOST CHASERS, JET JOB and many more!

Soundclip tonight is wild an' crazy no kidding, so, put on seat belts! Music is by Edward J. Kay who work on tons of Monogram flick and who we have reviewed already and will in future.

So, what else, pet gnat Piff inches away from pushing big old red 'GO' button... now touching... now pressed! I IS A ZOMBIE?!

Again, careful with 'dis soundclip!!

Gas gauge say near empty so Dick (THE BANK DICK) Purcell, Mantan (A-HAUNTING WE WILL GO) Moreland and John (DESTINATION MOON) Archer decide to set plane down on island below. (Dick Purcell dies of heart condition at age 35!)

Plane crack up bad when coming down an' Mantan is thrown from wreckage and end up next to old gravestone! He probably wake up and scream!

The gang walk around an' find old dark house in middle of jungle! Mantan have plenty of creepy encounter after that, of course!!

Later that night, Mantan get to go to kitchen and hang out with sexy maid and cranky old voodoo lady!

Then, he get to meet future zombie pals he be rooming wif' from now on.

Jungle not exactly safe place at night! At least one zombie have good posture!

"I is a zombie, I is a zombie!"

Hey, who's been wearin' this? It smells like freakin' garlic-onion-tabacco halitosis in here!.. WTF!!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting in this corner, the Intercontinental Tag-Team Wrestling Champions of the Island and all-around total bad-asses!.. THE PSYCHO ZOMBIES!!!

Hisssss!.. Booooo!..

King call zombie to come in, time for more help in 'dirty work' department, but they decide to turn on him instead! Zombies, go figure!

Might want to watch where you...

King of Zombie now recipient of well-deserved zombie's revenge. All zombie push King (back back back) and make fall into hot fire pit while he blast away at ex-pals!

Everbloody love that Mantan!!


prof. grewbeard said...

love that last pic! and i always thought the maid was sexy, too!

"can i help it if i is loquacious?"

Christopher said...

I is a Zombie..I don'ts know nuthin..
move over boys I'm one a da gang..
THis is an old favorite!..With the current zombie craze,why can't they make one like this?? least a good ol' tropical zombie movie..

Anonymous said...

DUDE, look what they did to your web site

buzz said...

One of the most blatant -- and beloved! -- examples of stealing a movie.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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