Sunday, September 27, 2009

THE ALPHA INCIDENT / Bill Rebane - 1978

"So horrifyingly close to the truth, it will blow your mind!" read the tagline from maybe best Bill Rebane flick. One of Tabonga' very favorite thing is MST version of MONSTER A-GO GO! Bill is master of "curl your lip up funny" to look like horror has just struck!

Today story about microorganism from Mars brought to Earth by space probe, then get loose because of nosy backwood Doofustein and it terrorize people at train station! So, what else new around here?

Eegah!! put together 'nother great little soundclip for this Rebane monsterpiece! Music is by Richard A. Girvin who work on total of 5 project in his short film career.

Today is Ralphie the Tarantula' turn to push giant 'GO' button that always start show rolling... Today is no different, so hit it Ralphie! And, away we go!.. MARTIAN GERM AT MOOSE POINT! Great stills wif' excellent eye-popping decomposing Ralph Meeker!

UH... OH!!

What?.. WHAT??! Let me see!!

Kin I git ya a cup uh hot lava, George?!

Martian germ definitely not like white mouse! Show what kind of crazy effect you can get for 8 cent though!!

Dude going to Moose Point station because he want to tell everbloody he see a moose!

'Buck' open up the box of Martian virus on train and it get in a cut on hand, Jenny help him out and then she get it!.. Later, 'Buck' escape so Dr. Ted try to shoot him before he spread germ all around.

General have gazillion dollar command center but is still goddamn ignorant fool and should NEVER be in charge of nuffin' 'cept maybe shined up turd, but he part of 'The Family' and God want him to be in charge! BTW, that his gurlfiend there!

Gang is quarantine to station so have to kill time playing card, or...

Good time and bad, end of world or not, it always seem like most sensible thing to do!

Okay, fuck this, there ain't no freakin' antidote, we're totally incompetent and I'm going home, thank you and goodnight!


Poor lil' Ralphie never even have a chance!!

After Jenny see Ralph eyeball an' brain pop out of skull, she decide to blow own brain out in car before that happen to her... Ick!

Take no chances, exterminate everbloody at the train station!! We can't let anybloody know what bumbling fools we are!!.. Okay, good! Thanks! Have a nice weekend.


prof. grewbeard said...


Anonymous said...

People can not Guanzhuziji life, nor can block the dates of death, so that my human live forever. Since the lives to come to such a capricious, we should make good care of it, use it to enrich it, so that the capricious, and precious lives, distributing its sublime glory, reflecting the real value of life.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Boy, if that ain't the truth!!!

The Primitive Urge said...

DUDE! For 2 decades I have been haunted buy a memory of THIS movie I saw on tv when I was a kid but could never remember the name or if it was even real. Just a memory of people getting a virus and melting in a train station if they fall asleep. You totaly just blew my mind by posting this. Cheers

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