Friday, September 18, 2009


Now, here is one crazy schlock classic from 1964 which star Cash (WILD GUITAR) Flagg, Carolyn (PERVERTED PASSIONS) Brandt, Brett (WILD ONES ON WHEELS) O'Hara, Atlas (THE THRILL KILLERS) King (hilarious Lithuanian-marbles in the mouth dialect!!) and Don (THE SADIST) Russell as Ortega, Madame Estrella's UUUGGGG-LY! evil assistant. Then, Madame Estrella no prize neither since she have big hairy wart on right cheek!!.. Yuk!

Flick start wif' Madame Estrella pouring poison (poison?) on dude face to make behave like good little zombie while Ortega choke him down!! Bad-ass combo...

Believe it or don't, Tabonga see this when it came out, long time ago!! Eegah!! make great soundclip as jusual, flick advertised as first musical horror show, and boy, is full of wild an' bizarre act, gurlz, song, costume and dance!!.. Whew! Two alternative title are DIABOLICAL DR. VOODOO and THE TEENAGE PSYCHO MEETS BLOODY MARY!

Music is by the great André Brummer with Libby Quinn, Libby only work on one other project. André first American flick wuz MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR and he even work on EEGAH!! Musical numbers by Alan Smith and Bill Turner.

Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie all set to push great big old 'GO' button an' here he go!.. TISCWSLABMUZ!!?.. Many nice pics today for viewing pleasure too!

Freakin' carnival time, A-hole!

Jerry an' Harold go to pick up Angela an' screw wif' Angela' bro Madison, who have convertible '57 Chevy!

A Wild Mouse, a Crazy Monkey and a Teen Psycho!

Carolyn play alcoholic dancer Marge, Bill Ward play her dance partner. Top of Bill' head look like landing strip for misquitos!

A night at the carnival follow with crystal ball reading by Madame Estrella chaser!

Lots of glitzy gurlies dancin' and singin' the night away!

Meanwhile behind the curtain, Jerry learning how to be zombie!

Here is Don Snyder as he deliver his song for you and club audience!

We laugh back then, but that one damn cool Nash Rambler Harold gots there...

Whoa, even mo' glitzy gurlies dancin' and singin' the night away!

Now is time to change Jerry' face around lil' bit with splash of poison!

Estrella' zombie escape from back room and cause pile-o-trouble!

End wif' police bullet through Jerry' heart after long wild chase along rugged Long Beach coastline.


zillagord said...

How the heck am I s'posed to follow this??? Bar is definitely raised... or is it lowered?

I actually saw this in a revival theatre years back. Incredible only begins to describe this thing. Really one of the classics of schlock horror.

Thanks guys!

buzz said...

Added Bonus: The film has color footage of the now (again!) decomissioned Angels Flight inclined railway.

prof. grewbeard said...

glad you got around to this one. great screen shots- it's Wallpaper Time! i've seen this movie so many times i have it memorized. Ray Dennis Steckler was The Man. how lucky you were to have seen this in a theater. Ray only had one 35mm print of it and some guy ran off with it and Ray never got it back- apparently the negative's gone too. we'll never see this film the way it was meant to be on dvd. to me, that's fucking sad...

Scary Manilow said...

The dance sequence in this movie is EPIC.

I love how most (all?) of Steckler's movies have that same ominous-looking font for the titles.

Had no idea the original negatives for this movie were missing. Suck city!

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