Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DR. JEKYLL and MR. HYDE / New York - 1920

Finally, the Dungeon Wednesday B+W Night bringing you first of many, SILENT FLICK!! Released in 1920, it was John Barrymore's 18th acting role and he even have 4 soundtrack credit!! When Tabonga was a splinter, there was silly myth about John's great acting ability to not need any makeup for this role!

We not even gonna try to figure out where music came from or by who! But, IT IS GREAT!!

Tonight soundclip very!.. HYP...NO...TI...ZING!! So, on wif' da show!

Microscope always make science seem more interesting!

Dr. Jekyll... Hero of the sick and the poor!

Boy night out end up in club wif' dancer Miss Gina. She think Dr. Jekyll kinda hot all dress up in fancy duds and top hat...

Results of not able to resist scientific lure of... 'THE UNKNOWN!'

You know, this isn't half bad!!.. Hey, see you later, I'm goin' for a walk!

After he have too much fun, he go to lab to drink antidote an' bring back to Realsburg!.. Thank God for antidote!!

Uh... Oh!..

Giant Creepy Tick Spider crawl onto bed and inside terrified Jekyll. Now, Hyde not need to hide no more, come and go whenever he feel like it!

An' he feel like it!!

Kind of creepy way to treat cute gurl! Well, actually any gurl... Not sure, but Tabonga think Hyde might need to wash hands and brush teeth first!

Do you hear me?!.. I'm comin' to join you, Elizabeth!

Perfect end to perfect tragedy!

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Greg Goodsell said...

These are some mucho hot monster mag photos!

Wow Gold said...

wow ! what a blog

Monster Music

Monster Music
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