Thursday, September 24, 2009

UNDERSEA KINGDOM / Republic Serial - 1936

Welcome to another edition of Dungeon Moldie Oldie Black an' White Wednesday Flick (whew) Night!! So, here is fun little serial which also star Lon Chaney Jr. as Captain Hakur. Then, Smiley Burnette play Briny Deep and Malcolm McGregor play Zogg!! Filmed at famous Iverson Ranch, Chatsworth in San Fernando Valley which was underwater at the time!

Ray (Crash) Corrigan play Ray (Crash) Corrigan, Monte Blue play Unga Khan and Raymond Hatton play Gasspon!.. GASSPON??!!! What kind of total 'loser name' is Gasspon?! He probably is big mommie' boy and wearing stinky diaper too!

Music director is Harry Grey using stock music from 6 other Republic composer. Harry Grey was also producer of 62 flick, mainly cowboy with title like: PRAIRIE MOON, MEXICALI ROSE, DOWN MEXICO WAY, SIERRA SUE, CALLING WILD BILL ELLIOTT, THREE LITTLE SISTERS, SONG OF NEVADA, SAMBA-MANIA and more...

Okay, so, Piff the gnat has been lifting toothpicks and has new muscle for pushing big old red 'GO' button again to start show rolling! Hit it Piffles!.. UNDER THE OCEAN FLOORBOARDS!

And you think football player today gots it rough?!!.. Riiiight!

Dude could drown!.. BTW, that 'Crash' there, hard to tell though!

Here is textbook example of punch that get loose an' go 'south-of-border!'

Oh, hell yeah!!.. 'Crash' kickin' butt all over place at Annapolis!

Then, Crash have to climb up like a monkey an' save Billy' ass who fall through a window and have to hang on for dear life, which he diserve!

It never fail, converted inline 6-cylinder engine does great job for whatever project you working on, even detection of mysterious Undersea Kingdom nobloody ever heard of!

And, look at statue found at antique store, physical proof of mysterious Undersea Kingdom too!

Hey, what you know, crazy old Professor right about his 'all whack-out and insane' theory, there really is Undersea Kingdom that have Chrysler with machine gun!

In meantime, Professor trust 6-cylinder machine and old statue so he get special submarine he make ready to look for lost world.

Back at underwater ranch, bad guy take secret weapon for spin to drop bomb on good guy!

"Jane, I'm home!"

Man, every kid dream back then - Atomic TV and Robot Lab!

Something the gang hear on radio have something to do with next chapter. Hmmmm...

Oh yeah, tune in next week!!


prof. grewbeard said...

"GO AHEAD 'N' RAM!!!..."

Christopher said...

I love Crash Corrigan in the 3Mesquiteers b-western series..and the Range Busters

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