Wednesday, September 30, 2009

THE RETURN OF CHANDU / Principal Pictures - 1934

Welcome again to Wednesday Black & White Oldie Flick with host Tabonga and lil' helper pet Ralphie the tarantula and Piff the gnat! Only one day away from DUNGEON HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN where we have all kind of surprise for you and we gonna post every single day from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31 ~ So, don't miss it!!

Three year after he play DRACULA, Bela Lugosi play hero Chandu in this 12 chapter serial THE RETURN OF CHANDU after he play bad guy Roxor in CHANDU THE MAGICIAN two year earlier and actually get the gurl this time!!

Abe Meyer was music director and use music from 5 composer, Charles Dunworth, Francis Gromon, Hen Herkan, Hen Herkan and Josiah Zuro. Today soundclip is real nice, no kidding, Eegah!! do 'nother great job!

So, on with show!.. Today, Piff have the honors of pushing big giant red 'GO' button which actually start a ball rolling somewhere! So, go, Piff, go!! BLACK MAGIC CULT vs CHANDU!

All Tabonga can say is... Gong crash can happen at any second and can scare crap outta you! So, turn volume up and scare pet cat for fun!

Bad guy think they so clever, nobloody even know what they up to!! N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk!!

Oh boy, Chandu coming to visit! (Just in nick of time!)

Chandu get off plane and into airport only to be follow by two suspicious lookin' dude!

Chandu gots his ring though, and he can do some cool trick when he rub it just right! Remember, he is magician...

Watch this, SUC-KER!

Gee, but, where did he go, George?!

Oh crap, he mysteriously pop in on party and mess up bad guy kidnap plan.

Bela try to explain so even gurl can understand!

Bela finally gonna get some info on evil bad guy plan, when!...

Oh hell yeah, blow dart to the heart!.. Work like charm! One time, Tabonga hear story about guy who suck in and swallow dart by mistake when he trying to kill other dude! Otch!!

Pretty clever way to get quarter out of ever kid, every week for next 11 week!


prof. grewbeard said...

i love this serial, it's so creaky! Bela uses the Force in it!

Christopher said...

I used to have a condensed version of this on super 8mm film..

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Monster Music
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