Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today' Dungeon Super Saturday Flick is "Doppelgänger" aka JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN with TV's THE INVADERS star Roy Thinnes!

This basically THE THUNDERBIRDS with real poeple and produced by Gerry Anderson. Story take place in 2069 where science discovers another planet in Earth's orbit, but is located on exact opposite side of Sun!

Music is by el great Barry Gray, he work on all of Gerry's project including SUPERCAR, FIRBALL XL5, STINGRAY, THUNDERBIRDS, CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS, JOE 90, UFO, SPACE 1999 and more!! As usual, Eegah!! give everbloody another generous helping of soundclip for mental digestive pleasure!

Today, Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie all by his lonesome (Piffer spend night at fiend' house) and so he get to have dubious honor of pushing big old red 'GO' button and start show going like crazy domino fall down! I DOUBLE DOPPLEGANG YOU!! Way to push that button Ralphie!!

Stills might be a little out of order, but who care?! Just relax and enjoy the show!

Awesome sets!

That one cool rocket cigar holder there!

Look almost like freakin' house of today!! If you can afford giant meteorite!

Lady and Germ, presenting the 2069 Mercury 'Molecule' ~

Eye don't get it!


Smile, you on Perv-Tube!!

Smokin' stills!

Roy take a little time off playing space jockey to play space boy toy!

Look pretty damn official! Top pic show guard post with painted in composite 'halt' lettering!

Middle pic show rocketship give birth to spaceman!

Crap, say 'Big E' on lousy gas gage!

Whoa!.. Huh?!

bzzzt bzzt "OUCH!.." bzzzt "..OWW!" bzt bzt bzt "SOB!!.." bzzzt bzzt "MAN!"

Amongst best models ever... Way to go Gerry!


The Fairy Godfather said...

This is a great movie, thanks for this post! It's interesting, as you noted, it is a lot like Thunderbirds with live actors, and that is especially true of the models. The interiors and clothes remind me more of UFO, his first live action series. Not surprising, since UFO was done about about the same time, or shortly thereafter.

It took forever for this to be released on DVD, and but I finally have it in my permanent collection.

Once again, thanks for another great post, this is why you are at the top of my igoogle page!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

the only thing this movie lacks is a Bondian Ballady-type theme song-
"Journeeeee, to the Farrrrr Siiiide of the SUNNNNNNNN...!"

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Sing it Bro!!!

Wow Gold said...

Very Nice Blog

Ivan said...

Great stuff, awesome sound collage.
Yeah, I always felt this was like a prequel to Anderson's UFO. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun is a joy for fans of Derek Meddings' model work (and explosions!)

Wendel said...

Hey, where are all the pictures from the earth on the OTHER side of the sun???? The ones with the backward lettering????

I'll bet they were all removed by the government to cover up its existence.

Keep up the good work.

buzz said...

This is one of those sci-fi movies that isn't particularly great, but it is intelligently made and has an interesting idea. Too bad Gerry Anderson didn't do more features!

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