Saturday, October 13, 2007

VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS - Beau Brummels - "Woman" (1965)

We have definitely decided around here that "Village Of The Giants" is one of the best 'worst movies' ever made; so extra BIG, it's overflowing! We love it & all the music is topnotch, and above all else, Boss!!! This song "Woman" by the Beau Brummels is used to the hilt, but that's why it's important to have good music!!
Woman with Dialogue
Woman With Ducks
Here's a studio version, a version with dialogue from the bar scene, & the reprise where they bring in the Giant Ducks, so you can ponder the idiosyncrasies! "Woman, Oh, Woman!" "Hey, Let's get some beer over here!" These people REALLY were PARTY MONSTERS!!!!!!


Elisabeth said...

Oh dear, 'woman with ducks' version made me laugh. A lot.

This is a great blogsite you have here. I haven't heard "Vickie" for ages!

Greg Goodsell said...

"HEY! There are a bunch of giant ducks in here!"

Monster Music

Monster Music
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