Sunday, October 21, 2007

HILLBILLYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE - Ferlin, Merle, Jeepers, Marcella, Jim, Sonny & Boots (1967)

Looks pretty scary right about here, doesn't it??

This is what they did to Joi Lansing for singing the "Gowns" song!

So it's just about that there time of the year out there, and it's also time to clean out this ole haunted house, "Hillbillys In A Haunted House," that is, and it's a perfect movie to show at yer local annual Country Pagan Carnival and Beer Fest, so circle up the wagons, light a big hot chemical fire, put the big HD TV right smack in the middle and turn it on! Grab yerself a cold one & settle in, cause it's gonna be a long night! To get you all prepared for the big event, here's some tunes just to whet yer appetite. Don't forget the hazmat suits! It's a Jamboree after all, and that's all! Now here we go, to get it all started: Here's...
Before the big Jamboree, which was at the end of the movie, there was a whole bunch more songs, if you can believe that!! Like Jim Kents on the TV!

Jim Kents

And another heartbreaker from the phenomenal Sony James!

Sony James

Lost In A Trance by Mr. Ferlin Husky

Ferlin Husky

And last & very most especially least, probably the worst piece of garbage ever recorded in any medium, & we only add it here as a historical note, God knows we love Joi Lansing, but this song about gowns will make you gag before you join the next herd of lemmings headed toward the nearest cliff without ever glancing back! I'm, sorry, they made me do it!!



Greg Goodsell said...

Go check out the video of Joi Lansing singing "Trapped in the Web of Love" on You Tube for laughs!

Anonymous said...

Arthur C. Pierce wrote a sequel to this and the previous film, LAS VEGAS HILLBILLYS (which he directed and co-wrote) be titled HILLBILLYS IN OUTER SPACE, to be filmed on the leftover space station interior sets from MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE.

EEGAH!! said...

Aw, Man, we should have made, the "Hillbillys In Outer Space" movie! That sounds made to order for us on more than one level! We'd need those sets though!

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