Friday, October 19, 2007

STING OF DEATH - Neil Sedaka - "Boat Party" (1965)

Seems like the party just never stops out there in the everglades until some stinging monster or as in this case, stinking monster, gets involved and wrecks all the fun. Check out the picture of the guy falling off the boat, I hate to be redundant, but that's the same guy that gets pushed in the water in "Death Curse Of Tartu."

Never could figure out why a bunch of collegiate geniuses would be so mean to the poor deformed guy either.

These people look like they are all in their 30's & they act like twelve year olds who had got into their parent's liquor cabinet. Maybe it was like a built-in, anti-booze public service announcement or something. A movie that even Neil Sedaka couldn't save! Here's the song from the boat being docked to the pier party, which really isn't that bad. There's some interesting dialogue with a little Beatles put down. Maybe the title is "Don't Be Stingy Baby"

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Greg Goodsell said...

The monster in this is something else! A deflated plastic bag for a head, a wetsuit with spattered paint, and flippers where you can plainly see the human feet! LOUSY! But the print on the Something Weird Video is gorgeous!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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